Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10th Anniversary


I'm back.
I started this blog in the midst of preparing SPM. (I have no idea why)
Reading back all the posts made me feel like I did and did not grow up along the way.
Back then,
I was self-centered and wanted to share things as much as I can.
I was positive and yet negative.
I was immature.
I was such a spoilt brat.
I was annoying.
I was dependent.
I was naive.
I was lost and yet confidently facing the future.

All those memories,
remind me that Ancora Impora is important.
Keep learning. Keep improving and don't stop at a point.

I am still lost but reading back the old memories reignites me.
Guess what, my verbal diarrhea is not here anymore.

This blog will come to an end and there will be a start of new chapter.
Bye. Yin Xian. Hi. Emi.
I hope my 'england' have not upset you yet :p

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