Friday, September 20, 2013

Life of gymnastic frog.

I have a frog, gymnastic frog. (modified from 'I have a dream' by ABBA -.-)

He was named by Aisha when I bought him in Daiso, the curve. We were there to attend Shiseido skincare demonstration and we were the model. :D yeah, I'm not that old yet.

He was named as gymnastic frog as he has magnet hidden inside his palms and thus he can stick on metal bar. It looks like he is doing gymnastics.

Say hi to gymnastic frog! 

I abandoned him for a while and recently he had became my special instagram guest. I have this small dream to take photo of him whenever I go travel! So far he had teman me to various mountain, my uni and Singapore.Soon, he will be following me to Japan. Envy him please. -.-

Gymnastic frog doing yoga in bukit gasing. -.- 

Her acting-innocent face so that I would bring her up instead of letting her hanging there. -.- 

I talk a lot and I love to talk nonsense. And not everyone can buy my nonsense, that's fine. I applied them on my gymnastic frog. :O or Jeff's domokun. -.-

Threaten him if he doesn't do rain dance diligently, I would leave him outside to let the haze to make him smoked frog ._. 

Once in a while, I made props for him. He has his own bed, various hairband and an ikea inspired leaf canopy. 

Gymnastic frog in his bed.

Gymnastic frog with her hair bands -.- 

Gymnastic frog if his leaf which he complaint that it's too heavy for him. -.- 

p/s: gymnastic frog can be female or male according to what he wears. He prefers to be male but once in a while I forced him to be female. -.- and he cannot deny because he can't object. hahahahaha. *enterimaginaryworld*

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