Friday, August 23, 2013

Singapore Trip

Time to update before I started working next week ._.
I was in Singapore with fei fei from 28th June to 1st July 2013
We took train there as it is the cheapest way in spite of its long traveling time. Fei fei couldn't sleep well in the train as there were this bunch of people party-ing like nobody business. They had picnic, touched up make up (I had no idea why as it's a night train.) and non-stop chit-chatting. As usual, I slept soundly. -.- I have this thing of sleeping soundly in vehicle and I slept even better in bumpy car ride. I think it imitates the effect of baby spring cradle. 

Gymnastic frog with its OOTN and our ticket.  -.- just to show how adorable she is. (It's she because she had floral hat!)

Me without any makeup and contact lens because it was a night train. -.- took this because fei fei said I looked like I'm homeless. hahaha.
Checked in to our room at b88 hostel. As usual, spot the gymnastic frog! 
 A small room beside my bed for gymnastic frog. :D It's actually a safety box for you to charge your phone while you're away/place your passport/keep your rich tai tai jewellery. -.- 

Shops in Haji Lane. Too bad we were there too early. :( They're opened around 1pm. Hipster enough. -.-

I got excited when I saw roast pork and it wasn't that nice and this is the only food photo I took because Singapore is not about food. It's about shopping and  I didn't take photo of my shopping haul too. -.-

After Haji Lane, we went to meet Jie Qi who just finished his work. We met at Orchard road and that's when I bought my expensive F21 pullover and H&M 3 for $20 clothes. -.-

On the 2nd day, we went to Sentosa Island. 

Peahen spotted! They're not afraid of us. 

Time for some jungle trekking. (also because it's free. haha. budget trip ma)
Me and fei fei were getting ready for luge ride. No photo later because we were busy driving. -.- 

Gymnastic frog having fun on skyride. -.- not sure if she was having fun as her situation was dangerous. She might fall and be lost forever.  Then I will miss her, she will miss me and we cry every night. *drama* We bought the 3 luge and 3 skyride for $20. 

Merlion is the symbol of Singapore. It's hard to get gymnastic frog to take photo with the real merlion statue as it's too big. So, we settled for this statue placed outside a club at Little India. This club is happening at night. The bouncer  (I think so? aiya, means whoever in charged of the club entrance) was dressed as zoo keeper.

After Sentosa Island, we went to Chinatown which is more or less the same as Petaling street. 
We found this ring watch at one of the stalls. Jie Qi was acting that he wanted to know the time. I was irritated and showed him my ring. 
 On the last day, we went to Anchor Point for the outlet stores. After that, we have this last minute plan to visit National University of Singapore (NUS)

 I puked rainbow when I saw this. :O It is bigger and taller than Monash climbing wall ._. 

selca while resting. Thick eyeliner because I overdid it. -.- 

Gymnastic frog was hoping that NUS offers courses for frog but too bad it doesn't. She was a bit disappointed. *drama*
Ended my NUS trip by lying on the grass to chill. Jie Qi was saying that I might be discussed in their confession page later. hahaha. 
The day ended with shopping trip in Bugis. Went to Uniqlo and bought a super cheap maxi dress. :O  
Speaking of Uniqlo, I got into their 2nd interview (last stage of recruitment) for Manager-In-Training but I gonna reject the 2nd interview ._. reason: family issue
However, I'm going to work as medical reps on the coming monday. (This explains the update -.-)

End of holiday! 

Phrase of the day: Have faith in your decision. 

Silly Conversation:
Me: eh, Uniqlo is having promotion on their UT. 'One piece' as well.
Jeff: oh, then you can buy it and cut shorter to become a T shirt if you want.
Me: errrrrr. I mean One Piece the anime that your brother like. -.- 

Next topic: review of something or how I do my makeup for work.  

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