Saturday, August 24, 2013

*break time* Things I have been doing during my unemployment.

I'm not following the topic sequence again.
Remember, Yin Xian is always unpredictable. -.-  fine, I'm just lazy to do review or make up tutorial.

I should start with the time I finished my last paper.
Next day after my last paper, I worked as promoter for Nippon paint. The job was easy as there were not much customers in the shop and no sales target. When I didn't have to do demonstration for Momentum paint/no customer were around for colour consultation, I started to scribble. :D 
I realised that I'm quite good with crapping. -.-
For eg: A confused customer was deciding which colour to be matched with. I used my Pendidikan Seni knowledge to crap, warm tone colour must match with another warm tone. If you want to be bold, you can always choose red and green or other complementary colours. :p
Utilised my make up knowledge to explain how they should paint their house too. -.-

After that, I promoted raspberry wine, Hisamitsu cooling pad and Koala's march biscuit. It was fun to promote and give out kids' snack. Kids approached me and said, 'Jie jie, can I have one please?', 'thank you jie jie', 'bye bye jie jie'.Awwwwwwww. I melted. -.-

Colour charts are so pretty. You may see it in my instagram. 
 Momentum paint effect. almost bought one set for my room because it was cheap and pretty. -.- I have this tendency to buy stuff that I was promoting. If you couldn't convince yourself to buy it, how could you sell to others right? 
After that, I was busy preparing for JLPT N4. The result will be out in October. 
After JLPT, I started to clean my room, prepare for Pathology defer paper & my unit trust examination, send out resumes, attend interviews, go for outings, shop for grocery, pay bills for mom, cook more food watch crayon shinchan to learn Japanese, go for Japanese class and make more stuff. My life was quite tai-tai/si-lai/housewife/hosimbu/whatever sounds like I'm a good wife. -.-
For your convenience and for me to recall easily, I categorised my life with outing, stuff that I made and food that I cooked.

I went to Mr&Ms Cafe, Oasis Square with Iona, Jamie and Cher. The food was so-so and I have no fancy towards egg benedicts already :( Western breakfast is not really my thing I guess. 

To show my tai tai life. -.- also to show my 1st pair of shoe from Payless because it is less than RM30. haha.

Oasis Square is too pretty that I went for another two times, with Kelly production team and Jeff. (Talking about Jeff, you may ask me personally if you really want to know the story but I have the right to decide whether I want to tell you or not. :p told you that I'm unpredictable and I seldom explain myself. -.-) 
Had my lunch with the production team in Bad Boys Cook. This is grilled fish and shrimp or something sounds like this. -.- The brownies are nice too.   
The production team. (taken from Kelly, the superstar's twitter account.)
Before Kelly sells off her baby truck, we TP-ed her car because we love her too much. :D

Selca after my cousin's wedding. That's the only photo I have taken to remind me of the wedding. -.- 
Went to Broga hill with Anson and Jeff because Anson wanted to get lalang for his honours experiment. taking photo of gymnastic frog while waiting for sunrise. The only thing I dislike in Broga hill: there were so many teenagers and they couldn't stop talking. -.-

Next, stuff I made.

Painted this for Jeff. 
Cher's Birthday Present.

Cher's bithday card

Present for my cousin
During this unemployment period, I was thinking about my life. 

What is my dream? 

What I would do even if I'm not paid for it?

It's making all these little things and owning a workstation.
Hopefully that I would spend my weekend well on doing these stuff and start to plan on a proper way in earning money from doing this.

I'm not brave enough to start my own business now as I'm not confident enough with the quality of the jewellery I made. I normally use the materials with lower price as those are what I could afford. Need to do research on the materials used and ways of taking care jewellery. 

After some time, hopefully that I can learn making clothes. :) Maybe I would go for part time MBA/fashion design diploma if I'm bored with my job. That's where my education fund will go to. 

I try not to stop learning after my degree. 
I want to learn to play violin, professional make up, dance latin, metal smithing, wiring, oil painting, play harp, cook authentic Japanese home-cooked food and maybe learn another language after I have mastered Japanese. I have 35 years to do so. haha. or I could even go oversea for short term study.

Last time I used to have financial goal on buying Birkin, shoplots etc. For now, I feel that they're all materials. You will be happy once you buy it, but after some times, you will be feeling empty and regret for spending such money. Just like retail therapy, I used to shop when I was sad, unhappy, got my salary and happy. I just shopped whenever I want la and now I'm regret after looking at the clothes which were worn for once or twice and I don't feel like wearing anymore :(
New perspective on clothes: Capsule wardrobe. (google it if you want to know more. )

I never regret on spending so much on my Japanese class.I have spent around 2k from beginner to intermediate. I'm currently studying Advance 1. I still feel excited and look forward to the next Japanese class. 
Afterall, the knowledge will be with me all the time. Besides, I can claim my Japanese class fee from income tax too. 

Another life goal is to maintain my youth. sleep early, healthy diet (FYI: Diet doesn't mean that you do not eat at all.), exercise more, train my gluteal muscle, maintain my calf shape, good posture etc. I want to age gracefully. *holdingateacup* *cling* 

One more life goal is to contribute to the society. For now, I'm not sure what I can do for the society but I could start it in small step by paying income tax and voting the right party. -.-

Oh oh. one more life goal is to travel often, esp Japan. hahahahaha. Hopefully that my Japanese will be fluent enough to become translator in the future. Then I could follow my Japanese boss to Japan or other countries often. *dreaming*

Question pops! then why am I choosing medical reps in the end? 1st, the pay is decent enough. 2nd, the time is so flexible that I could learn what I want. 3rd, I'm quite good in explaining something complicated into something understandable by giving lively example, provided that I understand the products thoroughly. 4th, I don't like to stay at the same spot for too long. I could travel around with this job. 5th, my friends are working there too. hahaha. 6th, I could learn more about soft skills on how to seal the deal, learn more about people's behaviour. (Why does all these sounds like an interview session? -.- )

All these goals requires financial planning and time management. It's time to diversify my income and that's why I'm doing research on investment currently. 

Next, food that I cook:

Ton Katsu Don (Fried pork chop on rice. ) I always cook donburi as it's convenient when you're cooking for two persons. Recipe will be posted when I'm free. -.-

Ton katsu bento (If you're following me in instagram, you will realise that once I cook pork chop, my next few meals will be pork chop. -.- This is because my mom always buy a few slices in one go. ) The orange yellow-ish sauce is Kewpie cheesy cheese sandwich spread. It goes well with fried food. Kewpie mayo always goes well with fried food. :O
Grilled Pork Chop. It's soft and juicy because of my minion, baking soda. hahaha.
I try to add more vege to my diet but it's a bit hard for small family. I'm still trying to incorporate more variety for pork chop. -.- 

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