Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My name

My name is yin xian, 颖娴. Many ppl find it hard to pronounce, especially when I was in secondary school where the people I met doesn't know mandarin. Okay. Even during primary school, my friends couldn't really pronounce my name by looking at my Chinese name. Some of my friends even wrote the 颖 wrongly. :(
During standard 6, since we had to create our email during computer class, I gave myself an English name which is Emily. However, I wasn't used to that name and at the same time, there are a few 'Emily's when I was in form 1. I told them to call me as yinxian, but they couldn't remember. -.- So I asked my new friend to call me by my surname, Chua and it eventually became yinxian. They're used to calling my name already. That's why I don't really bother getting a new English name. 

Things became easier when I learnt the word insane. I will just tell ppl to remember the word insane when they want to remember my name. Sometime people did not buy this introduction. -.- why? Insane can be a postive word too :(  This is also how #yinsanity used for situation when I'm in my own imagination. 

There was this time I came across an article about Chinese having English name like Mosses Chan instead of Chan Hou (he is my fav hk actor ._.) while other Asian such as Japanese is keeping their original name instead of getting a name which is easier to be remembered by others. And yeap, I'm not getting any English name and will stick to yin xian until I die. :) 

Even though some people might pronounce it wrongly as 阴险 which means sinister. -.- 

Phrase of the day: You don't have to follow what others are doing. It's your life! Create your own life instead of letting others to tell you what you should do with your life. :) 

Silly conversation:
When I was at Sentosa beach, I saw a really cute frog sand mould. 
Me:*pointatit* so cute! 
The baby with pacifier in front of me: HMMMP
Me: *okay.jpg* sorryyyyy!

Next topic: Antipodean and Three little pigs. :) should be up after my JLPT. 

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