Monday, July 15, 2013

Antipodean and Three Little Pigs

Sorry for the delay. was enjoying my day by nuah-ing at home, cleaning room bit by bit, playing piano, reading novel, watching movie and meditating about my life -.-.

As the title stated, I'm going to do a food review. 
On 26/7/2013, I went out with Yvonne, Poh Yee and Wai Xin for our atas* experience in Bangsar
*Atas literally means up but it's commonly used by Singaporean to describe something luxurious/expensive/overpriced. 

We have heard good review about Antipodean and Three Little Pigs. Even though there are bad reviews  but we should only prove the point when we really experience it. -.-

Enough of beating around the bushes, main point!

The only thing I don't really like about Antipodean is that their menu is on the wall. When we wanted to order, we had a hard time to communicate because we were busy finding the item on the wall. -.-
At last we settled for their big breakfast and french toast.

Pretty table deco! 

French toast with bacon and maple syrup (RM18). Personally think that it's not worth it for such portion.  

Big Breakfast (RM18). The mushroom is so nice. It's juicy and mushroomy. -.- Hash brown is so-so. Scramble egg is okay only
After our breakfast, we walked around Bangsar Village until lunch time for 2nd round. -.-
For lunch, we went to Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf.

Coincidentally, we met Vincent, Brenda, Lisa and their friends in Three Little Pigs
Before the meal was served, must take photo! :D 

The not-so-nice seafood basket. We ordered it because we saw a lot of people ordered it. -.- It wasn't nice for me as I find that sea 'taste' is too strong for my liking.  

The Wolf's Favourite. Fried bacon was a bit too dry but overall is good.
p/s: I guess you guys can google for the address by yourself. Antipodean is nearby Bangsar Village while Three little pigs is inside Bangsar Village.-.- I'm such a lazy blogger.

Phrase of the day: You don't have to be someone big to change the world. You can contribute a small bit to make the world better. :)

Next topic: Singapore trip. waiting for photo from Jie Qi.

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