Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is in my bag?

They always say, searching for an item in lady's bag is like searching for treasure. XD
can't deny that. Sometime I took some times to look for car key in my bag. 
I usually bring bag to uni and shopping mall which requires me to walk for whole day -.- In short, whenever I have to be out of my house for long period, I need my bag. 
Otherwise, I would just bring my wallet and phone. or phone only when I was with my parents. XD XD XD I'm spoilt. My mom used to scare me by saying that I would get caught by police for not bringing my IC one day. -.-

Okay, back to topic

This is my bag that I usually use when I'm going to uni. When I go shopping, I will match my outfit with bags.  This bag was my late grandmother's and it was eventually passed to me. I miss her. :'(

These are all the pouches in my bag. It looks more organised though. 
From left: card holder for cards that I rarely use, iphone 5 charger in a pouch to prevent it getting dirty, two polka dots makeup pouch from daiso, pencil case with mimi, the dog, car key, Bonheur pouch which is a free gift from yfink66, the blogshop I usually bought things from, Rayban sunglasses from dad, my spec and my Bonia wallet. 

I seldom bring my makeup pouch unless I have to go uni really early/woke up late/event at night. As for my spectacle, it's for emergency like I have eye infection suddenly and I need to remove my contact lens. There was this time, my eyes were infected and I forgot to bring my spec. I removed my contact lens and drove back home with sore eyes and blur vision. -.- Thanks to microbiology lab. so far, this thing doesn't happen anymore since I have no more microbiology units. -.-  I hope it won't happen anymore. *touchwood. 

This is my 八宝袋/multipurpose pouch. -.- I can leave without makeup pouch but not this pouch.  From left: green pouch with sanitary pad (essential for ladies), earphone, lint clothes to wipe spectacles, recycle bag (the one with red floral), hand cream from Shiseido (I think it's counterfeit. bought it from China. -.- ), nail clipper from Wai Xin, floss, another small pouch with other necessities. -.- Yin Xian with all her pouches. 

These are what I put in the small pouch. I have eye drops for one time use, doraemon mirror, one time use contact lens solution, Burberry perfume, tinted lipbalm from Mentholatum, lip balm from Burt's Bee, contact lens case, rubberband and clips.  
Okay, recommendation time: Burt's bee lipbalm is the best lipbalm which I have tried so far. It's not oily and absorbed into my lips in short time. I couldn't describe the feeling but it's different from other lipbalm. Anyway,  I bought grapefruit flavour one. When I'm sad, the scent makes me feel better. -.- Ah, one more thing, it's affordable. It's more or less the same price as Mentholatum. 

This makeup pouch is for my face cosmetic. From left: Skin mist from Dr.G, Laneige BB cushion (new member!), Shu Uemura POREraser UV underbase mousse (free gift from SU. :O), Loreal BaseMagique transforming smoothing primer and Maybelline blusher.

I used to use Dr.G BB cream and now I'm big fans of Laneige BB cushion because it makes my skin glow like korean. -.- I bought it for RM120 and it comes with one refill. I use bb cushion for daily basis. If there is event, I would put primer, concealer and Laneige BB cushion. I need to get loose powder. Any recommendation? 

This is the eye makeup pouch.
Left: the plastic thingy is mascara comb (I google for the name. -.- It's to prevent mascara on your eyelid while you're brushing the lashes), Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Shiseido lipstick (free gift when I was their makeup model), maybelline concealer. 

Right: (top to bottom): Maybelline liquid eyeliner, Lancome pencil liner (Bday gift from Wey Zen), Elizabeth Arden Mascara (Prize for Ms. Monash), silver eyeliner from cosway, Elianto make up brush, Shiseido mascara (free gift when I was their makeup model).

Bottom: Elizabeth Arden Duo colour eyeshadow (Black & White. Prize for Ms. Monash), Shiseido Blue eyeshadow (free gift when I was their makeup model), Clinique pink eyeshadow compact (Prize for Ms. Monash)

p/s: I don't usually buy cosmetic because I seldom use it. So most of them are free gift. :O #hosimbuwannabe who doesn't buy expensive cosmetic but spend on expensive Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. 
All the cards in my wallet. You can see that I'm loyal fans for Shu Uemura and recently Laneige. -.-  #hosimbuwannabe again because I love to collect points. AEON, Watson, Bonuslink. -.-

p/s: I went to number76 once and they gave me their member card. I would love to go back if I can earn a lot la. :( my value for hairdressing is low and I always go for those RM15 haircut. :X and I don't really like to dye my hair, so I guess the card would be quite useless for now. -.- Their service is extremely good and the outcome is good also (recommended by many bloggers.) just that the price is a little bit too high for someone like me who doesn't have  fixed income for now :( 
It's ok. I'm going to work soon. lalalalalalala. :D

That's all for what is in my bag. Just found out from QiuQiu that Biore Singapore is having a contest related to this topic. but I don't have Biore cotton sheet also and I'm not Singaporean. hahahaha

Phrase of the day: Sometime you lose yourself just because you are too concerned on others' opinion on you, especially opinions from those you really care.

New section: silly conversation is back! but it will be a short one at the end of each post. (optional)
Silly conversation:
Mom: Lee Chong Wei won the game
Me: So do we get holiday? if yes, then I don't want to study liao! -.-

Next topic: hmmmm. my name, new blogshop name and maybe I should get a name which can be easily pronounced by someone else? stay tune.


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