Monday, June 17, 2013

My Daddy!

''Daddy, aunty beat me just now. sob sob sob'' 
That was me calling my dad's office to complain when I was beaten by my aunt. I think it should be due to my refusal in eating my food. I have bad eating habit. That was me when I was 4 years old. My dad will comfort me and I felt better. 

I was closer to my dad when I was around 6 years old.
After that, our relationship is not that close until now since he had to travel and stay at certain states for a long time. He is a project manager for construction site. That explains why he does not have a fixed working location. 

I was raised under strict parents. -.- My mom has bad temper even until now and my dad has unpredictable temper. That explains why I have good temper and high tolerance towards people who have bad temper. I'm well trained. -.- 
Nevertheless, I'm still a fortunate child in the family. 

To somehow compensate me for not able to celebrate Christmas with me(I guess so), my dad posted an uno madness game pack to me from Johor during Christmas. :')

Since 8 month old, I had been travelling to most of the places in Peninsular Malaysia and some countries.okay. That also explains why I love to travel. I travel with them whenever I'm having holiday or sometime I skip class. -.- 

Whenever my dad is back, he brought us to those nice restaurant to have good food. Before internet is getting popular, his sources of nice restaurant are newspaper, television programme, friends and his own will in exploring nice food around his area. His friends always ask him for food recommendation. -.- That also explains why I'm attracted to good food. :X

I could write longer but that's the summary of my dad. -.- He is like those traditional chinese man who doesn't speak his mind but he takes action.

Phrase of the day: Be your own master in your life. Don't let others' feeling and perspective bring you down. 

Next topic: What is in my bag? finally there are some pictures. :D

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