Saturday, June 15, 2013

Haagen Daaz Chocolate Fondue

I always want to try the Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue.
Since Iona and Jamie were free, we had our first time experience with it.
I shall let the photos do the talking.
p/s: Why is my introduction so boring? I used to have the skills in typing interesting introduction. I blame it on my rusted skills.

Tadah. RM77 inclusive tax for this. 

The face which means I can't wait to eat it. -.- 

okay.jpg. must respect chocolate fondue. :O

It's so atas right?!! with the candle at the bottom to make sure that the chocolate is remained melted. (I know, you will have the 'you don't say' reaction.  I'm just trying to lengthen the caption. -.- )

Gymnastic frog was tagging along too. he hates apple and I still give him apple. :O  #yinsanity
Okay. done with my experience with Haagen Daaz Chocolate Fondue. Review time!
The chocolate fondue is for 4 pax as you can see from Figure X (ok. sorry. no more scientific report term), as you can see from the photo above, there are 4 cute tiny balls of ice cream for each favour.

It's a nice place to go if you want to have your atas moment with your friends. If you're on tight budget, don't go. You may go to mamak and order milo kao kao+vanilla ice cream. -.- 

I'm not a good food reviewer. :(

Phrase of the day (used to have it in my post last time. ): Love yourself before you love others.  

Next topic: My daddy! because tmr is father's day

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