Friday, June 14, 2013


Yes. It's over and I hid the blog right after it happened.
Thanks to my pillow talk members who are always there to make me feel better
Thanks to fei fei who helped me to see through and analyse everything
Thanks to CK who brought me to Setia City Mall right after.
It all ended peacefully and I wish for the best for both of us. 
I wanted to start a new blog for my life journey later on but all these memories built the present me. 
So, I will just let it be.
Who doesn't have ugly past?
I admit that my english was so bad last time ._.
I will try to post in proper english in the future.
I might face judgement but I don't really care, at least I provided new topic for them to chat? 
For now, it's time to build my career and grow spiritually.
Chance is for those who are prepared. 
I want to prepare myself to become a better person so that I can meet a better person too. 
jog more
spend more time in taking care of my face
make more accessories
cook more 
read more
travel more
play more piano
speak more japanese
earn more money
spend more time with family

Actually, I think I love myself more :)

p/s: thank you kumbang for the sweet memories.
p.s.s: I guess my silly conversation will not be continued and just nice it ended at #10. perfect ending.

side note: Sometime I'm still the naive me thinking that everything in this world are wonderful and colourful.  Sometime I feel like I'm having the mindset of Charlotte from Sex and the City. 

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