Sunday, May 5, 2013

My silly conversation #9 #10

One day, Jeff was doing something with his phone. So he kept asking me whether I can see his 'last seen' time for whatsapp and this is the conversation.

My mom bought the iPhone 5 for me and she is using my 4s. I know, I'm such a bad daughter. :O as she is first-timer in using smart phone, I have to teach her once in a while. And there was one day she mastered whatsapp by her own. So this is her comment on my whatsapp profile pic. -.- the longer one is the epic one. I was wearing a floral hairband in the photo and she asked what is that on my head. Iooks like kuih -.-

My whatsapp profile pic. She said the flower is a kuih. :O my mom is so epic. 

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