Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dear Future me

Dear me at 30 years old,

Please make sure you achieve these.
Expensive wishlist to be achieved by 30yo.
1. Clarisonic Mia 2
2. Samsung Galaxy Camera
3. a trip to Tokyo
4. a portable sewing machine (my mom said that it can be my dowry. -.- )
5. a trip to US
6. Master degree
7. a shoplot (which requires me to pay the loan for 30 years -.- and trying my best to save for down payment now. )
8. LASIK (my dad refuse to let me do so. but lalalalalalalala. I'm that rebellious sometime)
9. short term courses like sewing,TCM, metal smithing. -.-
10. Mini cooper ( optional. I'm not a car-person yet)

Okay. some couldn't be achieved by 30 yo but you should be preparing/paying by 30.

Please exercise more and eat healthily. Please maintain your sleeping habit. Please make sure that you still look like 20-ish when you're 30.

If you're married by 30 years old,

Please make sure that you will apply anti-stretch mark cream diligently if you have a baby. Please make sure that you will be hot mama. Please make sure that you will make toys for the kids. please don't nag your children, don't shout at your kids. ahhh, and make sure you make them sleep by facing down so that they will have nice head shape. Control yourself in buying baby clothes. and maybe you should train them to love chicken breast so that you can take the chicken thigh. wheeee!

Please control your husband's expenditure so that he has no extra money to get another girl/woman. :D Please try to clean the house diligently and cook good food other that teriyaki chicken and carbonara. Please try not to nag your husband. Don't nag, just deduct his pocket money will do :) Nagging makes you old and he wouldn't bother as well.

Please please please make sure that you're still learning something new. Learning never stops at any age. Please read as much as you can. Don't be lazy.
Love you! enjoy life!

23 years old me.