Friday, March 22, 2013

My silly conversation #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

Me: what would you do if your tortoise bite your car plate of GTR?
Jeff: it won't. If it does, *insert the curse that shall not be revealed*
Me: how if my frog spit in your shoe?
Jeff: *speechless*

We were walking to our cars one night. The area is dark and the road is narrow, so he walked in front of me and I was behind him.
Me: you have to talk to me all the time now, so that you know that I'm not kidnapped.
Jeff: even if I don't talk, you still talk to me, so it's ok.
Me: okay.jpg

We were having lecture on genetically modified (GM) rose. Apparently blue GM rose is rare and expensive but in the market, you will see the cheap blue rose which is dipped with blue dye.
Jeff: *look at me*
Me: so are you going to buy me blue rose?
Jeff: sure.
Me: awwwww. Really?
Jeff: the dip one.

We passed by a new sushi shop named Sushi Flash in SS15.
Jeff: why is it called sushi flash?
Me: I think because there is this sushi love to flash. -.- it can't be called flash sushi because that would mean you have a sushi on your body and you flash to strangers.
Jeff: I don't wanna talk about it.
Me: what! You did the similar thing to me before.

One of the Jeff's favourite food is char siew.
Jeff: I really love to eat char siew.
Me: so you prefer 生块叉烧好过生仔。
(Cantonese idiom which normally used by the parents when the children drives them crazy. Literally means I would rather give birth to a piece of char siew than a son.)

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Aisha said...

I LOL-ed at the last one! All so funny! xD