Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Just realised that I have passed two months of my holiday. :'( so far I have done these:
1) knitted a scarf and a santa hat. learnt three types of stitches. two by my own. :)
2) did lots of data entry
3) done with 3 levels of Japanese.
4) finished watching 2 HK drama. I know I told myself that I won't watch drama, I just need something to watch while I was knitting.
5) flier distributor for once.
ok la, I thought I nuah a lot. can be better though.

currently doing and have to do:
1) another level of Japanese. feel like dying. the sentence is getting so long.
2) MUSA stuff. need to settle all the filing.
3) finding ways to sell my prize and unused stuff.
4) knitting mini santa hat for gymnastic frog. or should i get a crown for it? then it can be my frog prince.
5) updating promotion for baucar occasionally. I'm a lazy worker. -.- #mustworkharder
6) find more part time promoter job.
7) no more data entry as it has upgraded to online system. *cry* one job is lost.
8) clean my room (always in the list) I really need to organise the way I place my stuff. -.-

9) watch Shota no sushi. It is one of my fav J drama.
Reason: it involves Japanese food and in one of the scenes, keroppi container is used. >.< I always like something because of a very small detail. -.-

10) bigger breast, thinner legs, flatter abs. means eat more for the breast, exercise more for the muscle, no sitting after eating for the flat abs. lalalalalala. YES, I'm not trying to increase my bust size though, just wanna gain back what I used to have.
The problem about my scumbag body is that, they love to use fats in my breast instead of my tummy fats. Others might say that I'm thin enough to not keep fit. yes, i know, thank you. but because of my small bone frame. I supposed to have 22 inch of waist to look proportionate or have that hour glass figure.maybe a cacat one. -.- but now, 24 inch and it looks like a tyre. :O  and I don't skip any meal. and everytime I said this, there will be some ppl saying that if your abs is considered fat, how about mine? I have 28 inch waist. and my legs are like elephant leg or whatever.(This is example. don't be too serious. -.-) In that case, I would say, are you happy with yourself now? If not, why don't you start making effort to make the changes instead of complaining? :) don't complain if you haven't done anything to change the situation and don't give up before trying. Be determined in what you're doing. Instead of being envy of others, start making the change. Depends on what you need, for me, I'm vain. That's why I try my best to look good in certain occasion.

11) taking care of my skin condition. Sleep early, drink more water, clean my face nicely everyday. :)

12) do some reading on earning more money. :)