Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Summary of 2012

I have to look at my phone to recall some of the events. 2012 is still a good year, despite of all the pains and sadness I had gone through.

1. Started my 2012 in Sabah instead of Selangor. did something that I wouldn't get to do in Selangor.

2. Water rafting for first time

3. I got myself an iPhone. I forked out half of the amount and the other half was paid by my mom as my birthday present. It was bought on my birthday because I was so sad as I'm celebrating alone for whole day. :( well, on the bright side, my aunt celebrated for me a day before, my long lost friend accompanied me to get my iphone on that day, my mom gave me money to choose my own cake at night. no bf but I still have my family. :') and thanks to pillow talkers: Aisha, Cherylyn, Iona, Khadijah who brought me to Publika the next day. I felt so in the movie, P.S. I love you. I still keep the pink tiara.

4. Went to Disneyland in Hong Kong. wheeeeeeee! went to Macao too.

5. Have Jeff in my life. no judgement please. :)

6. Joined yoga and kickout constantly. jog for at least 30 minutes for almost everyday. lost 5 kg in 3 months and couldn't earn back the 5 kg until now no matter how much I ate. :D  Exercise is the key to keep fit. Determination is the key too.

7.. Joined rock climbing and started to develop strong interest in hiking. Went to Gunung Nuang, Bukit Tabur and Mount Kinabalu. :D

8. Work as MUSA treasurer. work as first aider for events. work as facilitator for events. From all these, I expanded my network.

9. got my 1st Nike shoe. It was from JPO.

10. 1st time colouring and perming my hair. Both services are free. Colouring was done by Toni & guy. Perming was done by APT.

11. was chosen as Ms Monash. until now I still couldn't believe it. -.- btw, Thanks for all the support!!

12. 1st orchestra - Spanish Sensations

13. started to develop interest in making bento. Used those food pack in Daiso, but I couldn't understand the label as it is in Japanese. Decided to take Japanese language lesson during summer break.

14. Learnt to knit. 1st thing knitted was scarf for Jeff.

15. Got chosen into top 10 for Veet it Off. didn't win it but I'm glad that I have my 1st photo with celebrity-Jeremy from red.fm and met new friends.

16. face is found in magazines and newspaper. thank to Veet it Off!

17. Worst result of all semesters. :'( I shall work harder next semester.

18. got into major car accidents twice. :(  fortunately, I didn't get hurt at all but vivian was hurt. 1st time getting into major accident somemore

19. Eyes got sensitive twice until I couldn't open my eyes at all. This was not happened last time. :(

20. reached home around 1am and got scolded by my mom very badly. That was the only time I reached home that late.

There were good things and bad things happened throughout the year but I'm not regret at all. :)
Hopefully 2013 is a good year.

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