Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My silly conversation #1,#2,#3

Inspired by Timothy Tiah's 'thing fatty and shorty say', I gonna write this kind of post to somehow record my silly/bimbo conversation. -.-
There will be conversation between me and myself, me and my mom/dad/Jeff/cousins/friends/others.
I normally chat with them in mandarin and thus, I translated most of the conversation unless it must be typed in Chinese to show the pun. -.-
Disclaimer: sarcasm maybe found and it does not totally express the author's true concern. It's for entertainment and shall not be taken seriously

Jeff just bought cookie crumbs from Famous Amos which is our favourite brand for cookies. I was wondering its packaging so he googled for me. The first search was lowyat forum and I saw bad comment about Famous Amos cookie.

Me: yerrr. How can someone hate Famous Amos cookie? Faster report or block that user.
Jeff: where did you learn all these block and report? -.- (as I am not really involved in the forum/gaming world to know all these terms)
Me: Facebook

This is an old post which I had posted in fb before but this is too epic that I have to repost it here.
We passed by a golf club and I saw people selling ball-like substances in a plastic bag.
Me: aiyooo. ( according to my friends, I have this habit to say this but I don't realize that I say so. -.-)
Jeff: what?
Me: see, there are people selling turtle eggs. I thought it is illegal?
Jeff: *facepalm* those are golf balls.
Me: ohhhhh no wonder I saw neon colour one. -.-

Side note: If there is neon colored turtle egg, I guess it hatches ninja turtle. Then it will have the eye mask on its face. Awwww. So cuteeeee!

Jeff and I were discussing about the African Tortoise. I was objecting in the first place as I want to rear frog. -.- then the conversation went on until I agree on getting tortoise.
Me: ok fine. Get tortoise. Then I will abuse it. I will take photo with it by placing stuff on them. Can I put Santa hat on it? Or a crown?
Jeff: ok. Cute. ( refer to the tortoise. I hope it's referring me as well. -.-)
Me: can I ask it to take stuff for me? Like this. *sent an image*

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