Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shit just got serious.

So, I was analysing my blogpost so that I can really turn it into another source of income.
I just realised that the top viewed post is about my NS camp. Reading it makes me missing those days. I thought I wouldn't care bout those days as I don't think it was my best memory. However, all these minor not-so-best memories combine together to give the best of my life like complement system. -.-
FYI: complement system is one of the system in immune system. #nerd.

All these improvisation will be done step by step as I have a few tasks (mentioned below) with me right now.
I hope I can make my blog into a really nice one by end of this year. Alhamdulilah.

1. Data entry
- one is from my friend's company. to key in the survey form from hard copy to soft copy.
- one is for an apps. I'm updating promotion for an apps called Baucar. This is my favourite job as I'm known as salesmagnet. -.- So, if you're reading this, please download the apps to save more money. It's an apps that let you view all the promotion for some brands in a shopping mall. So nice right? I feel like my prayer is being heard and granted.

2. Veet it Off contest.
Yes, I got into top 10. and the final is on 4th of December 2012. I hope I will handle the Q&A session well and dare to present myself. no shy shy. -.-  and yes, it is a job as the cash prize is so attractive. :p

3. Closing account and all the 'finale' as MUSA treasurer 2012.
I'm not a good treasurer but I had tried my best to become one. I learnt a lot throughout the year. and because of this job, I didn't watch hong kong drama for one year plus. This is a good thing as I think my time should be spent on better thing like finding new recipe for some food, upgrading my blog quality, learn to write better post, learn to knit, make more jewellery etc.
Yes, it seems boring. and some might say, why am I making my life so difficult? why can't I just stay calm and watch Mosses Chan. (my fav actor all the time) ? I feel happy to have my time packed with activities.

4. cook more. clean my room more often
I'm on my way to ho sim bu (good wife) -.-
My point: being an adult, I must know how to take care of myself. I must know how to not let the parents to scold me like I used to get for not doing housework. I never fight back with my parents as I always think that they're elder and thus wiser. I try to listen and change but I always back to my oldself after a few days. I'm 22 going to 23, I realised something, if I'm to gain freedom from them, first I must do my best to let them trust me and not worrying bout me. -.- I must be strong.

5. Sell off my unused/worn-and-don't-feel-like-wearing-anymore clothes and accessories.
Please let me know if there is any free bazaar around klang valley. -.-. I have tonnes of things to sell and I really hope life is like The Sims, when you bought something, you don't like it, you can immediately sell it and get the cash. While I was typing the previous statement, Cash Converter came into my mind. :D

6. Birthday present
Two of my important persons in my life are having their birthday soon. As usual, important person=special gift. I'm that bias when come to friends. That's why I'm always foreveralone when all the important persons are not around. -.- It's me. always me. It's hard to get to the real me unless you have spent a lot of time and patience to truly know me in person. Thing becomes worse when I'm passive and having outing quota and curfew last time. I'm not those ppl who suggest an outing everytime. I'm trying to change this bad habit. So who want to go out with me? I'm salesmagnet lo. -.-
p/s: no more outing quota for now. but curfew yes. vacation with friend quota yes.  -.- curfew extended to 11pm. Yes, I'm still the Cinderella

7.  More jewellery making, sewing and knitting.
btw, I learnt to knit in subang parade for free! It's in Lily Handicraft, beside Sasa. but better get the materials from them. It's not so good to bring all your materials and expect the shopper to teach you for free right?
p/s: The needle they sold is expensive. :( Suggestion: buy your own needle, and buy thread from them.

8. Sleep more for better skin! and more OOTD. -.-
Remember, yin xian is always vain . :) People said that I'm 'hiao'. I used to feel so too and look down at myself for being hiao. but bla, who cares? I'm superficial sometimes. Dressing up myself nicely is not a sin. Not that I have spent ALL the time on looking good and ignoring other stuff.

9. watch movie/ reading books.
No matter how busy I'm, without these two, I can die. Question: why movie but not drama? This is because movie is more exquisite as almost the same time frame is used to produce both movie and drama. Drama is longer and thus within the same time frame, some of the shot might not be so perfect. Drama is more to getting the storyline. Movie, besides storyline, you start to munch on their quote. Some quotes have double meaning.
Reading book is to constantly upgrade myself so that no matter how busy I'm, I will not lose myself.

10. Slow jog
To maintain metabolism rate. :)

p/s: actually, is there anyone interested in my life? not sure what I should post in the future. I need a genre for my blog. I wish that my blog is informative. For now, I still insert one or two important information in my life story. I don't really like hard selling something.


Aisha said...

Yay! Support support. No. 4 and no. 7 is sooo proverbs 31 woman. I love that chapter.

I agree, hard selling won't work, unless you are a superstar blogger and people actually want to read your ADV posts. lol.

I think you should brand yourself a bit. i.e. If people see your name Yin Xian, they must think of three words, and you build your image around these three words :D marketing 101 lol

petite said...

LOL at the marketing 101 part. three words? DIY, sales, fashion.
btw, I flipped to proverbs 31, yeah, she is such an ideal ho sim bu. haha.
Need the time to slowly build the fame.