Sunday, November 11, 2012

Place to visit before I die

1. Taj Mahal with saree on.
I might get diarrhea as I'm sensitive to unclean water sometime.

2. Japan with kimono on.
Lol. Gonna make it a collection where I will wear national costume at wherever I'm visiting.

3. Vienna
Must go to the music museum.

4. Paris
Must visit Musée du Louvre.

5. Sahara desert
I want to have a photo with my maxi dress and big shades, posing there and let the wind blow through my dress. *bimbo enough I know. Sometimes I'm that superficial. :D but I'm happy and I don't really care others' judgement*

6. New York
shopping shopping shopping. another bimbo trip. -.-

7. The Great Wall
不登长城非好汉. though I'm not a guy. -.-

8. Angkor Wat
We learnt all the history during secondary school. I was always wondering how it looks like.

9. Korea
to wear hanbok. -.-

list to be continued. :D

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