Thursday, July 12, 2012

the "mask"

credits to Aisha.
came across this post in her blog and wanted to do one too! I did this kind of post before but you know, we women change cosmetics/skin care products quite often especially people like me who will somehow adapt 'immunity' towards the ingredients. The product might work wonder on me when I started using it but after a while, my skin does not react quite well towards the ingredient anymore. :(
p/s: I'm lazy to do a research on this issue even though I'm a science student. :p

Back to topic, my long lost readers will know that I have this tendency to talk something out of topic. -.-.  I have good crapping skills to make an introduction. 

So here is the stuff I used to 'mask' myself everyday.
Extremely light makeup

When I'm not really in the mood of dressing up, I just apply sunblock and BB cream after moisturizer because I'm that kiasu when it comes to protection against UV light. I rather have clogged pores than freckles and black spots. Afterall, clogged pores can be prevented by removing them thoroughly. After all these, here is the trick, curl your lashes to make you feel awake. oh well, you might accidentally clip on your eyelid and immediately stay awake. #goodwaytowakeyourselfup
The lipbalm is so far the best and affordable lipbalm I have used so far. I love the not-too-greasy texture that does not make you look like you have eaten oily food. -.- 

When I'm having the hiao moment but still want to show that I do not wear heavy makeup, the process becomes more complicated.  sunblock  -> makeup base for shiny/radiant complexion -> concealer to cover acne scars -> BB cream for even complexion -> curl lashes -> mascara.
Suddenly feel that I'm so 'kiasu' when it comes to covering all my flaws. -.- 

Due to all these layers which might lead to clogged pores, I insisted myself to remove them thoroughly no matter how tired I am. When it comes to becoming more beautiful, I will not be lazy. Determination is the key. When you want anything, just stop complaining and start to work for it. 
So I shall leave this make-up removing topic for the next post. :) 

Little note: Make-up is not a shallow thing. When you put on make up everyday, some might say that you're 'hiao' (sorry, I think 'hiao' cannot be replaced by any english word. :P) Well, I used to think like that too. As I grow up, I realised that, noone can stop you to become beautiful and I don't find it a crime to look presentable. Besides, putting on makeup is not an easy task. It still needs practice and skills so that you won't look even worse after putting make up. 

Another little note: I wanted to get loose powder/compact powder for matte complexion and blusher to prevent pale complexion but I have been searching the good one for a long time. -.- Time to do some research. 

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