Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm back!

Well, I hid this blog for a certain period due to some issues.
I was kind of in denial to accept my past but after a while, I realised that they built me up no matter how sweet or bitter they are and how immature or ambitious they are.
Reading through my old posts reminds me of my old dreams. They might be naive but still, I had achieved a few of them. :)
Well, people changed. My point of view on certain issues last time doesn't mean that I still have the same point of view now. I'm still trying hard to think from various angle.
There are some personal stuff in my previous posts. You are welcome to read it one by one. (hi, stalker. :p as if I have one. -.-)
and from now onward, I shall post more intellectual/motivational/useful articles.
Again, I hope that I can generate a side income from my blog.
Growing up to be a better person.

Alright, I shall reintroduce my blog.
I call it jiao tu san ku as I had a few blogs last time and each blog serves different purpose. 
So, it means that I have a few medium to express myself. 

As for my blog URL, mccgurl,
mcc means mong cha cha which is blur in cantonese.
It was my so-called trademark during secondary school.

and now I need a theme for my blog.
Should I go for fashion blog, craft making blog or random one? -.-
If I go for fashion blog, I'm not really fashionable and my fashion is not up to trend. I simply ignore the trend because following the trend is tiring. I'm not sure whether I'm influential enough to create a whole new trend. *run away*
 If I go for craft-making blog, it lacks originality as I always get inspiration from other craft-making blog.

So I shall randomly blog. no theme is my theme. *slapmeplease*

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