Monday, December 26, 2011

long time no see?

Holidays are boring in KK.
esp when you had done the city tour few weeks ago. :X
nvm, I gonna write an entry on my 21 1st-time-experience before I turn into 22 whenever I'm free.
Time flies. :(
I'm 21 going to 22 but I am still kecil molek. :D
I hope I still can use my kecil molek look until i'm 25? :D :D :D
and I hope my metabolic rate will not slow down.
I hope there is no skin aging on my skin yet.
I hope I will be wiser.
I hope I will be more mature.
I hope I will retain part of my childish thoughts/acts.
I hope I will not contradict my points. -.-
Overall, I hope I can age gracefully. :)