Thursday, July 7, 2011

a letter to the past!

Dear my 16th:
1st advice, start working hard on your chinese paper, because getting a B3 for it makes you lose a few hundreds as those associations give extra RM100 for an A in Chinese, extra RM100 for straight A and EON bank is giving RM500 for straight A. -.-. and you lack of an A to get straight A. I know you're not concerned bout the A's but it does make a difference in your life later. BECAUSE YOU DISCOVERED YOUR CRAZY SHOPAHOLISM INSIDE ONCE YOU FINISHED SPM. and yeah, you're getting more money-minded.
p/s: good thing is, you're still capable to get JPA scholarship. God loves you!

2nd advice, you should practise your piano harder from now otherwise you will fail your grade 8 practical. -.-.YEAH YOU FAILED. Stop thinking that you're able to juggle between piano exam and SPM. mayb you shouldn't take the exam in the 1st place. I wasted RM 400+ and never thought of retaking it. ah well, as long as you know how to read the notes and play them. I think it's ok. Playing piano is just a skill for you and you're not talented (you know this is excuse right?).

3rd, enjoy your high school year because you're not able to enjoy it when you're in university as you're busy watching PPS (you might wonder what it is, it is a software that enable you to watch drama and movie just like youtube except that you don't have to open multiple videos just to watch a movie), doing assignment and shopping online.and yeah, you're not really involved in co-curricular activities in uni.

4th, yeah, being 21, you still have curfew! so, stop expecting that you have no curfew when you're 18 and 21. CRY NOW AND ACCEPT THE FACT!

5h, you're not able to drive after you got your driving licence when you're 17th. so stop dreaming that you can drive a car to school for showing off once you got your licence. In fact, I didn't even get to drive once my probation is over. you only get to drive when you're 21 which is my age now. again, CRY NOW AND ACCEPT THE FACT! maybe you should stop expecting freedom from your parents. oh, the best thing is, you should pray harder for your mom so that she can get you a brother or sister to distract them from you. NO, your mom is not pregnant when you're 21 as well.

6th, your 21st party is not what you expected. I know, you expected it in a ballroom and you're allowed to introduce your bf by that time. oh well, you got to introduce the bf but not the ballroom part.

7th, speaking of bf, the bf you're having now is not the same person when you're 21st. You might wondering why, what I can say is, the feeling is not there and you meet someone more compatible with you. Same background, same group of friends and same stage of life. Btw, the bf I'm having now was so handsome, hot, thin when you first met him. and now, he's out of shape. if you meet him, please please please ask him to keep fit otherwise all his hardworks in NS are wasted. no, I did not feed him until that fat! oh, remember to ask him to keep his salary nicely too. He was regret spending the salary without proper planning. *now you see why we're together XD*

8th, remember how you despise people who go for private tertiary education esp people who go to Monash. Remember how you tell others that Monash is for bai ka lui or bai ka zai without doing any research? AND HELLL YEAH, I'M STUDYING IN MONASH NOW. (erm and becoming one of them because my rate in spending is terrifying) and yeah, that's because you're not hardworking enough in preparing your STPM. You did not fail but you got an average result that is not capable for your course and university. Fortunately, you applied JPA during your form 6 and you got the sponsorship to study in Monash. you wanted Nottingham but too bad, they do not offer any course you want. and yeah, remember to save when you got your allowance because I simply spent my 2 sem of allowance.

9th, oh, you're doing neither nutrition nor biochemistry. You're doing medical bioscience. ah well, it's better I think. You still can major in nutrition when you're doing master.

10th, oh, speaking of physical appearance, you're still a petite, still 153cm. but you're still in shape! you're not expanding vertically. That is the good news. :) and you finally get to wear contact lens whenever you want. no more trial lens and contact lens only for event! and you're getting darker because you're not wearing uniform that covers all of your body anymore.

11th, You're good in decorating the board in school right? and now, you're not expertised in it anymore. you change your "major" in modifying clothes and making jewellery. and you're selling them!

12th, you love cotton on, F21 and Diva when you're 21st because they're within your affordable range. You wish to get some stuff from Dorothy Perkins or some other high end brand but nah, you will still go back to the three brands. Your ultimate goal in shopping? Buying immovable property so that you can get side income from the rental to do more shopping. oh, please save as much money as you can now. You should stop buying unnecessary dress now since you don't get to wear it regularly because you need to wear long pants and covered shoe when you're doing lab and you have 3 labs in a week. Btw, you have another ultimate goal in shopping which is to get an authentic Hermes Birkin with your own money so that your future husband cannot make any voice in your decision. Afterall, you're spending your own money. :p ( I shall write another letter to you when you're 26th about this goal as a reminder)

13th, you will get your teeth done! and tadah, this is the after photo! not to mention, your makeup skill is getting better because you lined your eyes unlike last time you just simply paint the whole eyelid with one colour.

last but not least, enjoy every moment you have now. ignore the sad part that caused by your parents. they do that because they love you. Until now, I'm still expecting that I will gain my whole freedom when I'm working or married. (you're still you actually. you just cannot stop dreaming or expecting no matter how much you stop yourself to dream. I don't find it a bad thing though. SO, KEEP DREAMING! Expectation makes you work harder, isn't it?)

Lots of love,
your 21st!

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Iona Tan said...

Hilarious post! You really changed alot over the years :D

Cry now and accept the fact parts are so sad, though -.-