Friday, July 8, 2011

how to convince a obese patient to lose weight

If let say I have an obese patient, I would give the following ideas to motivate them in eliminating the excess fat in the body!

little note: eventhough I'm a medical bioscience student (not showing off btw), some facts written below are purely for entertaining purpose. Maybe in the future, I might prove them right. who knows? lalala~ just treat this as an entertaining piece. feel free to add more random facts in supporting my random facts. LOL. Some facts are scientifically proven anyway, I will state and give reference if it is proven by some scientists.

1. If you lose the fat in your body, you will not feel hot and sweat like a buffalo in any place without air-cond! It's a very important point if you're living in tropical country like Malaysia.
Reason behind: fat is heat insulator. It prevents heat to be easily evaporated (???)

2. electricity is getting more expensive in Malaysia. So, by losing some fats, you can depend on only fan and not air-cond! YOU SAVE MONEY!

3. When you're losing weight, your appetite will eventually become smaller by eating small amount of food. (it might be difficult in the beginning. but after some time, it's tolerable.) Small amount of food=save money

4. You will start to cook your own food because the food portion outside is too big sometimes and you never know the process in it. Eventually, your cooking skills is upgraded, creativity upgraded as well because you don't wanna have the same healthy food every day. The most important point, cooking your own food=save money=better quality of ingredient= save time in deciding food when eating out.
Oh, and you will lose more weight by cleaning the kitchen and dishes. You're forced not to sit after eating because you have to clean them or not the dirt will stuck there and harder to clean as time passed.

5. You can go to Sg wang/time square to get the RM25 clothes without trying on and worrying that it will be too tight for you. and you save money again.

6. you might eventually save some petrol as well because the Shell advertisement on radio always tell us that, if your car is filled with extra weight, it takes more fuel to move the car. Save petrol=save money=save the earth. (ignore this point if you're driving big car)

7. By losing fats/weight, you're more flexible. No more falling down while picking up stuff on the floor. and you can run faster if you got robbed. (choi choi choi!)
Remain your size if you're traveling with skateboard, heavy mass gives high inertia so that if you got robbed, you can crash into the robber with intense impact on the most sensitive spot.(you may ignore this point, it's too imaginary and action movie-inspired)

8. You do not go for expensive buffet anymore because you can't eat that much already. Going to buffet without eating like a cow is a waste of money. NO buffet=more money

btw, writing this post does not mean that I discriminate the obese patient. I just want to point out some idea to make them determine in keeping fit. I do not promote the skinny culture as well. OBESE MEANS WHEN YOU EXCEED BMI =/> 30. (Google BMI if you don't know what it is)
I promote healthy body. I eat whenever I should eat, exercise a lot if I overeat so that I still have my "gadgets" with me.

p/s: I'm thinking of changing to double degree in medical bioscience and biotechnology or just go for the honours degree in medical bioscience. Honours degree requires me to write two thesis in a year.

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