Monday, June 27, 2011

so far so lazy

As the previous post stated, my exam ended at 21/6
22/6, I did nothing at home but watching drama
23/6, same routine again. (decided to start my meaningful holiday on monday.*excuse*)
24/6, Went to Bangsar with Iona, Cher, Daryl, Brendan. Sha joined us from her workplace and we were supposed to visit Khadi who works somewhere in Bangsar. Bangsar is a nice spot to shop but anywhere becomes a bad spot to shop when you're not supposed to spend. Erm, I decided not to get any clothes anymore because my wardrobe is going to burst soon. BUT SHOES ARE EXCEPTION! I need oxford shoe/any shoe that is comfy and stylish.
25/6, I spent the morning fetching my dad to the market, spent the afternoon watching drama again, and at night, I went to moshi-moshi for Brendan's Farewell and I didn't join them for the mamak session because of my curfew and I wanted to sleep earlier too.
26/6, spent the whole day shopping for groceries with my parents.

you may skip all those above because they're meaningless days in my holiday except the outing. XD
As for today, supposed to go Taman Rakyat with chiam chiam BUT IT RAINED. so I didn't get to exercise and spent the day in AEON. Entering Cotton On is seriously a big mistake because I came across the oxford shoe and jazzy shoe that are only RM29. and now, I spent my night thinking whether to get them in terms of durability and utility and whatever. AND I DECIDED NOT TO GET THEM. *clap clap clap*
Vision for the holiday: Yin Xian cannot buy any clothes or shoes during holiday because she has too many of them. Oh, shoe is exception again. btw, no extra money to get shoe.

btw, we went AEON to shop for groceries again. This time, it was mainly for chiam chiam. (actually I wanted to type chiam because chiam chiam is too long to type sometime. but there was one time I typed chiam only. He said that he was sad because I don't call him chiam chiam anymore. so end of the tiny story behind)

To sum up this pointless post, today is chiam chiam's day.
Tomorrow gonna start reading some useful stuff.
Being inspired by Iona and Iona was inspired by her friend, I might write a letter to me in my 16th and another letter when I'm 26. I always want to write a letter to the future me so that I remember what I should do by that time like I should train my kid eating chicken breast so that the mother aka me can take the drumstick. XD
I'm too forgetful and I might get busy until I lose myself. I always lose myself. *pathetic betul* so the future letter is essential for me to remind my dream when I'm old.

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