Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partially Back

Finally, I have only 1 paper left on 21/6. It is Biology (memorising work) and the best thing is, it is a MCQ paper. so.........basically, just skim through and remember the main point will do.

After 21/6, I'm officially free until 24/7. wanted to get a job but it's too short to do so. It's only 1 month holiday. *aussie is having winter break. winter break=1 month. sigh* Anyway, gonna list down the stuff I gonna do in this not-long-not-short holiday.

1. exploring and try to post some OOTD with my not-so-advance digital cam. It's like everybody is using DSLR or plan to get one era. but nah, not gonna get it for myself. *self comfort: If you're pretty enough, no matter what camera you used, it will be a pretty photo*
(FYI: OOTD=outfit of the day. I took a long time to figure out what the acronym means. -.-. saw it from some blogs)

2. Jewellery making. esp the bridal collection. Photo below is the work I have done halfway.

It is a ring-connecting-bracelet thing. I wanted to make it like a ring connecting the hand glove but I have no idea where to get those cheap satin glove. I tried to make the template with cheap pearls and crystals. If there're any customers request for the particular design, I might replace them with Swarovski crystal. hmmmm.

3. starting my even healthier lifestyle. gonna sleep before 11pm, drink 4 liter water per day, walk more, sweat more + saving electricity, cook my own lunch if possible (It's hard to cook for 1 person sometimes.), bath more, religiously apply skincare & bodycare products and determination (the most important part)
Don't tell me I'm thin to do so. I know I'm thin, but thin people need maintenance too. If you keep eating, but not doing anything to burn the stuff you have eaten, you will still grow fat. I hate people giving me that look when I said I wanted to go jogging, blah, jogging doesn't mean I wanna make myself thinner or I'm aneroxic. Jogging can boost metabolism rate too. I need to boost up my metabolism rate so that I won't easily feel cold and no more menstrual cramp.
AND NO, I'M NOT CUTTING ANY FOOD DOWN. Food makes me feel good~ I can get irritated easily if I'm starving.
p/s: no night outing if possible! ah, my curfew is at 10.30 to 11pm too. -.-. so no difference here. lalala~

4. clean my room and wardrobe. Check whether there're clothes I don't want it anymore. so far, I don't feel like giving them away. :( will try to persuade myself during the holiday

5. no shopping. I withdrew all the money from my bank acc just to resisit me from buying stuff online and only bring limited amount of money when going out. ya, no debit card to use, since bank acc has no money. Credit card cannot use as well, because my mom will know all the transactions and I'll be nagged. Unless dress under RM20, skirt under RM15, shirt under RM10, accessories under RM5, shoe under RM30, I'm not getting any of them above that price. (self persuasive speech by a shopaholic)

p/s: All that price might not apply to stuff from my fav brand, Cotton on, Diva and F21. (resisting myself from going into these three shops too. but nah, not going sunway pyramid until uni reopen, and I'm driving to uni so no chance to go there as well. Left only Cotton on in AEON, and the coming soon Diva.)

p/p/s: everytime I said I will stop shopping, I will end up to shop more. So, forget point 6.

p/p/p/s: Friends who are going out with me, try to stop this crazy shopaholic from buying stuff! and it's better not to call me for gathering in shopping mall la. (erm, so far, no shopping gathering yet except the bangsar gathering, but we're going there for lunch only, yeah, and visit some shops.)

6. Finding myself. I think I lost myself for this sem. I don't feel the stress to study for exam anymore. It's like losing the aims and whatever. and sometime I can't focus while studying. Anyway, if possible, gonna stop stalking some not-so-related blog and read the real book for inspirational life. Sometime I feel like shopaholism in me is like my another way of escaping from something. I don't know what is the something, but I feel like I'm not the old me anymore. (If you don't understand this part, it's ok, I don't understand too. I think it's a entering-adult-phase syndrome)

7. might be extracting my wisdom teeth. Recently, I find that they're not even exactly beside the second last teeh. so, I don't have to afraid that they will affect my teeth arrangement. I'm still waiting for them to grow slightly out so that it's easier for extraction.

8. might be joining the orientation buddy programme to bully some juniors. XD. I sent my application but I did not get any reply yet. :( The PIC is still busy with exam.

9. If possible, I wanna be otaku, staying at home unless for eating. :) [otaku is for male right? what is the term for female? otaki?]

10. oh, almost forget this, practise Hanon to make the piano happy because I haven't touched her since my sem starts and to train the brain and get long slender finger. XD. and mayb practise 1 new song that I haven't played b4.

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