Sunday, April 17, 2011

giving a theme to the blog maybe?

maybe I shall somehow turn my blog into a "money earning" tools because 'money money money must be funny, in the rich man world' ok, it's lame.
so I need to blog about something that I'm expertise.
1. shopping, (because I always so lucky to come across some deals. from FB, you know, klang ppl are really alert about this kind of deals. because we're mostly susie, kiasu+kiasi. There're some klang ppl stocking up maggie because they're afraid that the radiation will affect the Malaysian, how is it not kiasi?)

2. skin care and healthy lifestyle, because I'm taking biomed? and I love reading nutritional books? and try to clarify some myth if possible.

only skincare will be discussed, because I believe, a healthy skin will glow even without make up. If your skin condition is terrible, thick foundation will make it look fake, thin foundation does not really cover it. and to cover the blemish and the same time not making it fake, it requires practices and skills.
To solve the problem and hassel, we should solve its root first. and that's why money spent on really good serum and sunblock instead of cosmetic.
Therefore, no makeup part,as I don't really wear makeup and that's why I lack of practice. or maybe I should utilise the cosmetic I have now and wear light makeup to uni when I don't have practical.

pathetic thing bout being a scientist: cannot wear make up because the mascara/eyeshadow might dirty the microscope eye piece. It's not a random fact, it's truth, we were asked to remove mascara last sem for biology lab T.T not me btw. It's stated in the manual as well.

Anyway, I'm still considered wearing makeup to uni everyday. I wear BB cream only. XD. so it's face makeup. *you may boo me now*

another thing is, my uni friend are not wearing makeup, so I will be the bimbo one wearing makeup. I dare to dress up nicely to uni with dresses and heels but not make up, i know, how irony. but makeup + dresses will make you looks like you're attending some really important event right?

plus another thing is, everyday I have to wake up at 6 am and my eyes are still in the sleepy state. maybe next sem la, will start with applying mascara and eyeshadow because I have 6 mascaras with me. I only bought 1, others are given as gift when I went to makeover, lucky draw and birthday gift. -.-. and they're unopened. so still can use la. and an awesome blue eyeshadow from Shiseido waiting for me to use it. >.<

3. fashion. this one a bit BHB la. Since I have so many clothes and bags, must well fully utilise them for having my own mini fashion show at home. lalalalalala~ my fashion style?very random and somehow extreme sometimes. I follow my mood and occasion one. I can be very chin chai by wearing just t shirt and jeans to uni to very dolled up from head to toe.

At the same time, showing how a petite should dress to look tall.

4. DIY. modifying old clothes like I used to do it in this blog.

5. some cooking recipe?

6. reviews on online blogshop and product I used.

trying to turn my blog into BIE (blog in education)

and most important, remember to put labels for post, so that other reader can google from it. (maybe I should remove some really private posts. )