Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random reason to make me feel better

payment is late again.
so, all kind of reasons I have made for them. (excuses perhaps?)
1. They're so considerate about my health that I'm losing weight now. even my breast is getting smaller. :X (Does it also indicate lower chance to get raped?)
I can't eat the Rm 3.50 chicken thigh, vanilla shake from San Francisco, chicken & cheese pratha wrap from Hot 'n' Roll, tomato rice and even chicken rice that costs RM4.
(FYI: These're food in Monash cafeteria. secretly wishes that they should close down the lousy sushi stall which is even expensive than sakae sushi and bring in Subway or Wendy's. They're considered as healthy fast food I assume?)
and chap fan in Monash is not economic at all (that's why I called it chap fan not economic rice)
a scoop of meat for RM 3?!!

Thanks to JPA, I'm not eating any solid food anymore.
and for lunch, I'm eating the RM 1.50 meehoon and tahan until dinner.
As usual, dinner is home cooked food, and obviously I don't have to pay.

AND honestly, I owe chiam chiam a lot because he is paying the bill recently. We usually pay for our parts because both of us are equally poor, but now I'm even poorer. not poor la, but to save the money for future use. The longer time JPA takes to pay us, the tighter budget I have to plan.

2. I don't get to shop anymore which is good in treating the shopaholism in me.
I don't even dare to pass by my fav store like cotton on & F21 because I'm afraid that I couldn't control myself.

3. they're saving money for me. I planned my not-so-tight monthly budget according to the money given per sem. and I assumed that they would be giving the money in feb. so I start my budget in March. and now, I think I will be getting money in April. So I get to allocate the March allowance into my Japanese language education fund + Lasik beautification fund + sewing machine fund+ and even future wedding fund! The more months they dragged, the more I save because I'm so paranoid that my money will be finished before they gave us the money. I cut down some of my expenses in order to survive for next month. When they finally give the money, the one I save can be allocated to those funds again.
I'm starting to love them.

4. They're training me to know what I should do when I'm very poor. I'm more motivated to make jewellery because that's one of my income. and I even dreamed of being a private Chinese language tutor in Monash to earn some side income, because I saw some ppl sticking notice that offers private French classes in Monash. I not sure how private can it be, but I assume, it wouldn't be that bad if he/she is a hot tutor right? (you have to think a bit senget in this statement)
well, that's a good side of foreign uni, anything random can be found in the notice board. The next time I might see ppl sticking notice to find a girl friend. typing this makes me think of someone in my class XD you know who you are.

p.s: anyone interested in learning Mandarin from me? I can teach you hokkien and canto too. foul words and good words, both I know XD Once you mastered both, when someone scold you in hokkien foul words like Chao ah gua (is it even a foul word?) , you can show the finger!
p.p.s: obviously, I'm joking about the tutor part. It's a dream and I'm not a good teacher/tutor. I will get mad once I explained for too many times.

5. They're also training me in adjusting my budget. I planned my monthly budget with my limited money. Everytime I wanted to splurge, I will check whether it is allowed by my budget.
Ppl always say, A person with multidisciplinary skills will have higher rate to be employed. Next time, I can apply this budget skills in my product invention.

That's all my reason.I thought of them when I was in the KTM. SEE, KTM is the place where inspiration comes. Maybe one day, inspiration might come for my product invention. Then when people are interviewing me, I would say I got the idea when I was in the KTM. *dreaming*

Phrase of the day: (I know it has been disappeared for a long time) Reader digest is much more expensive than CLEO?! I rather be a dumb blond then. *temporarily*
*story behind: The magazine agents were in Monash just now,and I got the quotations. Even after discount, Reader Digests is still RM 9 per issue.I didn't know that a pocket sized magazine can be that exp.T.T gonna borrow the library one*