Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 3*

This is the last part as I don't want to make my reader bored with my merchandises anymore though I still shop with my limited money. YEAR END SALE LEH. how to resist? and RM 5 for a cute F21 necklace. you tell me?!you tell me?!

I shopped online since I got my maybank acc which is too convenient to buy stuff online provided that the blogshop is based in M'sia. That's why I have not tried oversea online shopping.

(but recently I found out from my ji mui that debit card can be used for paypal. *scream scream scream*self control, yin xian. and oversea postage is expensive and you have to wait for quite long. NO NO NO.)

okay, let's go to the main topic.
I shall discuss my online shopping experience shop by shop, instead of date. At the same time, to get some credit from some online shop by advertising for them. XD I really love their products one lo. I'm a blogger with ethics. will not chin chai recommend one. I bought from a lot of shops before, if the service and products are not good, I won't go back to them.

I bought from this shop for 4 times d. The photo above is the stuff I got in 2 times. Most of them are wearable except the two white shirt. They're too sheer and I need to wear singlet inside. So i got a lesson here, don't buy white shirt online.

-reasonable price from RM 15 to RM 50, so you can't expect much on the quality. It is not top notch, but wearable la.
-Very good service plus free gift given (though it is just a mask, but better than nothing) . I just ordered from them not long ago, they sent me the wrong item, instead of a hair clip, they gave me a hair band which I already bought it long time ago. So, I told them, they asked me to keep the hair band and they're going to send the hair clip to me. whee! tell me, who doesn't love free gift? (okay lah, that hair band is RM 7.80 only. If they sent wrong clothes or bag which are impossible, I think they won't ask me to keep lo.) then very very long time ago, I wanted to redeem something with my points, but I need to settle the bill and wait for the system to refresh my points for redemption. So I texted them for faster response, they settled it in a short time. :) really impressed with their service.

-need to buy for RM 200 to get free shipping. anyway, the shipping is RM 6 flat rate which is quite cheap also la.
-the white shirt quality is not good. but believe me, most of the china manufactured white shirt are like that.

-quality better than yfink66 sometimes, but it depends on the price one, if the stuff is slightly expensive, like RM 35 for a jacket. (normally can get for RM 20) , the quality turned out very good. I got the grey jacket (2nd pic) for RM 35.90. and surprisingly, the quality is so good,and the stitches are fine.
-good service as well, the 1st time I bought from them, I bought a bag plus other stuff la. Then on the way to my house, the box and the bag inside is broken, it was then sent back to them, and they refund me. All this happen before I know that my bag is broken. So i did not get to see the broken bag.
- Rm 100 and above for free shipping.
-RM 8 for shipping if you buy under RM 100.
-some stuff are quite pricey compared to other websites.

- the accessories are cheap when they're having offer.
- free shipping for RM 20 and above.
- quite pricey
- the clothes quality are not good enough. most of them are not wearable esp the white one. T.T. bought the white one, because wanna test their quality of white shirt. mana tau still as bad as yfink66 white shirt. very sheer. So I assume that white shirt online are normally sheer. and you can't see it before you buy.

4. Dep

- good quality
- the stuff look quite high end.
- more expensive than most of the website.(I bought them when they're giving promo where some stuff is only RM 5. the stuff above are all RM 5)

I know about this website when they're having a booth in Monash.
- good quality
- reasonable price
- using pos express for RM 3 flat rate.
- Some stuff will be sold out really fast.

bought these books because I can't find some of them in Popular . They are sold out in Popular. And the books are cheap, range from RM 10 - RM 12 per book. (one of the reason why I read chinese books more than english books. LOL)

got it because they're having sales. This is a topshop dress selling at RM 35. got this because, errr, that time is having marine mood. (shopaholic sial~)

p/s: There're some other blogshops that I bought from, like Blu&black and 7 deadly sins.but since I'm doing on where I spent my JPA money, so I did not introduce them here.

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