Monday, December 26, 2011

long time no see?

Holidays are boring in KK.
esp when you had done the city tour few weeks ago. :X
nvm, I gonna write an entry on my 21 1st-time-experience before I turn into 22 whenever I'm free.
Time flies. :(
I'm 21 going to 22 but I am still kecil molek. :D
I hope I still can use my kecil molek look until i'm 25? :D :D :D
and I hope my metabolic rate will not slow down.
I hope there is no skin aging on my skin yet.
I hope I will be wiser.
I hope I will be more mature.
I hope I will retain part of my childish thoughts/acts.
I hope I will not contradict my points. -.-
Overall, I hope I can age gracefully. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

how to convince a obese patient to lose weight

If let say I have an obese patient, I would give the following ideas to motivate them in eliminating the excess fat in the body!

little note: eventhough I'm a medical bioscience student (not showing off btw), some facts written below are purely for entertaining purpose. Maybe in the future, I might prove them right. who knows? lalala~ just treat this as an entertaining piece. feel free to add more random facts in supporting my random facts. LOL. Some facts are scientifically proven anyway, I will state and give reference if it is proven by some scientists.

1. If you lose the fat in your body, you will not feel hot and sweat like a buffalo in any place without air-cond! It's a very important point if you're living in tropical country like Malaysia.
Reason behind: fat is heat insulator. It prevents heat to be easily evaporated (???)

2. electricity is getting more expensive in Malaysia. So, by losing some fats, you can depend on only fan and not air-cond! YOU SAVE MONEY!

3. When you're losing weight, your appetite will eventually become smaller by eating small amount of food. (it might be difficult in the beginning. but after some time, it's tolerable.) Small amount of food=save money

4. You will start to cook your own food because the food portion outside is too big sometimes and you never know the process in it. Eventually, your cooking skills is upgraded, creativity upgraded as well because you don't wanna have the same healthy food every day. The most important point, cooking your own food=save money=better quality of ingredient= save time in deciding food when eating out.
Oh, and you will lose more weight by cleaning the kitchen and dishes. You're forced not to sit after eating because you have to clean them or not the dirt will stuck there and harder to clean as time passed.

5. You can go to Sg wang/time square to get the RM25 clothes without trying on and worrying that it will be too tight for you. and you save money again.

6. you might eventually save some petrol as well because the Shell advertisement on radio always tell us that, if your car is filled with extra weight, it takes more fuel to move the car. Save petrol=save money=save the earth. (ignore this point if you're driving big car)

7. By losing fats/weight, you're more flexible. No more falling down while picking up stuff on the floor. and you can run faster if you got robbed. (choi choi choi!)
Remain your size if you're traveling with skateboard, heavy mass gives high inertia so that if you got robbed, you can crash into the robber with intense impact on the most sensitive spot.(you may ignore this point, it's too imaginary and action movie-inspired)

8. You do not go for expensive buffet anymore because you can't eat that much already. Going to buffet without eating like a cow is a waste of money. NO buffet=more money

btw, writing this post does not mean that I discriminate the obese patient. I just want to point out some idea to make them determine in keeping fit. I do not promote the skinny culture as well. OBESE MEANS WHEN YOU EXCEED BMI =/> 30. (Google BMI if you don't know what it is)
I promote healthy body. I eat whenever I should eat, exercise a lot if I overeat so that I still have my "gadgets" with me.

p/s: I'm thinking of changing to double degree in medical bioscience and biotechnology or just go for the honours degree in medical bioscience. Honours degree requires me to write two thesis in a year.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a letter to the past!

Dear my 16th:
1st advice, start working hard on your chinese paper, because getting a B3 for it makes you lose a few hundreds as those associations give extra RM100 for an A in Chinese, extra RM100 for straight A and EON bank is giving RM500 for straight A. -.-. and you lack of an A to get straight A. I know you're not concerned bout the A's but it does make a difference in your life later. BECAUSE YOU DISCOVERED YOUR CRAZY SHOPAHOLISM INSIDE ONCE YOU FINISHED SPM. and yeah, you're getting more money-minded.
p/s: good thing is, you're still capable to get JPA scholarship. God loves you!

2nd advice, you should practise your piano harder from now otherwise you will fail your grade 8 practical. -.-.YEAH YOU FAILED. Stop thinking that you're able to juggle between piano exam and SPM. mayb you shouldn't take the exam in the 1st place. I wasted RM 400+ and never thought of retaking it. ah well, as long as you know how to read the notes and play them. I think it's ok. Playing piano is just a skill for you and you're not talented (you know this is excuse right?).

3rd, enjoy your high school year because you're not able to enjoy it when you're in university as you're busy watching PPS (you might wonder what it is, it is a software that enable you to watch drama and movie just like youtube except that you don't have to open multiple videos just to watch a movie), doing assignment and shopping online.and yeah, you're not really involved in co-curricular activities in uni.

4th, yeah, being 21, you still have curfew! so, stop expecting that you have no curfew when you're 18 and 21. CRY NOW AND ACCEPT THE FACT!

5h, you're not able to drive after you got your driving licence when you're 17th. so stop dreaming that you can drive a car to school for showing off once you got your licence. In fact, I didn't even get to drive once my probation is over. you only get to drive when you're 21 which is my age now. again, CRY NOW AND ACCEPT THE FACT! maybe you should stop expecting freedom from your parents. oh, the best thing is, you should pray harder for your mom so that she can get you a brother or sister to distract them from you. NO, your mom is not pregnant when you're 21 as well.

6th, your 21st party is not what you expected. I know, you expected it in a ballroom and you're allowed to introduce your bf by that time. oh well, you got to introduce the bf but not the ballroom part.

7th, speaking of bf, the bf you're having now is not the same person when you're 21st. You might wondering why, what I can say is, the feeling is not there and you meet someone more compatible with you. Same background, same group of friends and same stage of life. Btw, the bf I'm having now was so handsome, hot, thin when you first met him. and now, he's out of shape. if you meet him, please please please ask him to keep fit otherwise all his hardworks in NS are wasted. no, I did not feed him until that fat! oh, remember to ask him to keep his salary nicely too. He was regret spending the salary without proper planning. *now you see why we're together XD*

8th, remember how you despise people who go for private tertiary education esp people who go to Monash. Remember how you tell others that Monash is for bai ka lui or bai ka zai without doing any research? AND HELLL YEAH, I'M STUDYING IN MONASH NOW. (erm and becoming one of them because my rate in spending is terrifying) and yeah, that's because you're not hardworking enough in preparing your STPM. You did not fail but you got an average result that is not capable for your course and university. Fortunately, you applied JPA during your form 6 and you got the sponsorship to study in Monash. you wanted Nottingham but too bad, they do not offer any course you want. and yeah, remember to save when you got your allowance because I simply spent my 2 sem of allowance.

9th, oh, you're doing neither nutrition nor biochemistry. You're doing medical bioscience. ah well, it's better I think. You still can major in nutrition when you're doing master.

10th, oh, speaking of physical appearance, you're still a petite, still 153cm. but you're still in shape! you're not expanding vertically. That is the good news. :) and you finally get to wear contact lens whenever you want. no more trial lens and contact lens only for event! and you're getting darker because you're not wearing uniform that covers all of your body anymore.

11th, You're good in decorating the board in school right? and now, you're not expertised in it anymore. you change your "major" in modifying clothes and making jewellery. and you're selling them!

12th, you love cotton on, F21 and Diva when you're 21st because they're within your affordable range. You wish to get some stuff from Dorothy Perkins or some other high end brand but nah, you will still go back to the three brands. Your ultimate goal in shopping? Buying immovable property so that you can get side income from the rental to do more shopping. oh, please save as much money as you can now. You should stop buying unnecessary dress now since you don't get to wear it regularly because you need to wear long pants and covered shoe when you're doing lab and you have 3 labs in a week. Btw, you have another ultimate goal in shopping which is to get an authentic Hermes Birkin with your own money so that your future husband cannot make any voice in your decision. Afterall, you're spending your own money. :p ( I shall write another letter to you when you're 26th about this goal as a reminder)

13th, you will get your teeth done! and tadah, this is the after photo! not to mention, your makeup skill is getting better because you lined your eyes unlike last time you just simply paint the whole eyelid with one colour.

last but not least, enjoy every moment you have now. ignore the sad part that caused by your parents. they do that because they love you. Until now, I'm still expecting that I will gain my whole freedom when I'm working or married. (you're still you actually. you just cannot stop dreaming or expecting no matter how much you stop yourself to dream. I don't find it a bad thing though. SO, KEEP DREAMING! Expectation makes you work harder, isn't it?)

Lots of love,
your 21st!

Monday, June 27, 2011

so far so lazy

As the previous post stated, my exam ended at 21/6
22/6, I did nothing at home but watching drama
23/6, same routine again. (decided to start my meaningful holiday on monday.*excuse*)
24/6, Went to Bangsar with Iona, Cher, Daryl, Brendan. Sha joined us from her workplace and we were supposed to visit Khadi who works somewhere in Bangsar. Bangsar is a nice spot to shop but anywhere becomes a bad spot to shop when you're not supposed to spend. Erm, I decided not to get any clothes anymore because my wardrobe is going to burst soon. BUT SHOES ARE EXCEPTION! I need oxford shoe/any shoe that is comfy and stylish.
25/6, I spent the morning fetching my dad to the market, spent the afternoon watching drama again, and at night, I went to moshi-moshi for Brendan's Farewell and I didn't join them for the mamak session because of my curfew and I wanted to sleep earlier too.
26/6, spent the whole day shopping for groceries with my parents.

you may skip all those above because they're meaningless days in my holiday except the outing. XD
As for today, supposed to go Taman Rakyat with chiam chiam BUT IT RAINED. so I didn't get to exercise and spent the day in AEON. Entering Cotton On is seriously a big mistake because I came across the oxford shoe and jazzy shoe that are only RM29. and now, I spent my night thinking whether to get them in terms of durability and utility and whatever. AND I DECIDED NOT TO GET THEM. *clap clap clap*
Vision for the holiday: Yin Xian cannot buy any clothes or shoes during holiday because she has too many of them. Oh, shoe is exception again. btw, no extra money to get shoe.

btw, we went AEON to shop for groceries again. This time, it was mainly for chiam chiam. (actually I wanted to type chiam because chiam chiam is too long to type sometime. but there was one time I typed chiam only. He said that he was sad because I don't call him chiam chiam anymore. so end of the tiny story behind)

To sum up this pointless post, today is chiam chiam's day.
Tomorrow gonna start reading some useful stuff.
Being inspired by Iona and Iona was inspired by her friend, I might write a letter to me in my 16th and another letter when I'm 26. I always want to write a letter to the future me so that I remember what I should do by that time like I should train my kid eating chicken breast so that the mother aka me can take the drumstick. XD
I'm too forgetful and I might get busy until I lose myself. I always lose myself. *pathetic betul* so the future letter is essential for me to remind my dream when I'm old.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partially Back

Finally, I have only 1 paper left on 21/6. It is Biology (memorising work) and the best thing is, it is a MCQ paper. so.........basically, just skim through and remember the main point will do.

After 21/6, I'm officially free until 24/7. wanted to get a job but it's too short to do so. It's only 1 month holiday. *aussie is having winter break. winter break=1 month. sigh* Anyway, gonna list down the stuff I gonna do in this not-long-not-short holiday.

1. exploring and try to post some OOTD with my not-so-advance digital cam. It's like everybody is using DSLR or plan to get one era. but nah, not gonna get it for myself. *self comfort: If you're pretty enough, no matter what camera you used, it will be a pretty photo*
(FYI: OOTD=outfit of the day. I took a long time to figure out what the acronym means. -.-. saw it from some blogs)

2. Jewellery making. esp the bridal collection. Photo below is the work I have done halfway.

It is a ring-connecting-bracelet thing. I wanted to make it like a ring connecting the hand glove but I have no idea where to get those cheap satin glove. I tried to make the template with cheap pearls and crystals. If there're any customers request for the particular design, I might replace them with Swarovski crystal. hmmmm.

3. starting my even healthier lifestyle. gonna sleep before 11pm, drink 4 liter water per day, walk more, sweat more + saving electricity, cook my own lunch if possible (It's hard to cook for 1 person sometimes.), bath more, religiously apply skincare & bodycare products and determination (the most important part)
Don't tell me I'm thin to do so. I know I'm thin, but thin people need maintenance too. If you keep eating, but not doing anything to burn the stuff you have eaten, you will still grow fat. I hate people giving me that look when I said I wanted to go jogging, blah, jogging doesn't mean I wanna make myself thinner or I'm aneroxic. Jogging can boost metabolism rate too. I need to boost up my metabolism rate so that I won't easily feel cold and no more menstrual cramp.
AND NO, I'M NOT CUTTING ANY FOOD DOWN. Food makes me feel good~ I can get irritated easily if I'm starving.
p/s: no night outing if possible! ah, my curfew is at 10.30 to 11pm too. -.-. so no difference here. lalala~

4. clean my room and wardrobe. Check whether there're clothes I don't want it anymore. so far, I don't feel like giving them away. :( will try to persuade myself during the holiday

5. no shopping. I withdrew all the money from my bank acc just to resisit me from buying stuff online and only bring limited amount of money when going out. ya, no debit card to use, since bank acc has no money. Credit card cannot use as well, because my mom will know all the transactions and I'll be nagged. Unless dress under RM20, skirt under RM15, shirt under RM10, accessories under RM5, shoe under RM30, I'm not getting any of them above that price. (self persuasive speech by a shopaholic)

p/s: All that price might not apply to stuff from my fav brand, Cotton on, Diva and F21. (resisting myself from going into these three shops too. but nah, not going sunway pyramid until uni reopen, and I'm driving to uni so no chance to go there as well. Left only Cotton on in AEON, and the coming soon Diva.)

p/p/s: everytime I said I will stop shopping, I will end up to shop more. So, forget point 6.

p/p/p/s: Friends who are going out with me, try to stop this crazy shopaholic from buying stuff! and it's better not to call me for gathering in shopping mall la. (erm, so far, no shopping gathering yet except the bangsar gathering, but we're going there for lunch only, yeah, and visit some shops.)

6. Finding myself. I think I lost myself for this sem. I don't feel the stress to study for exam anymore. It's like losing the aims and whatever. and sometime I can't focus while studying. Anyway, if possible, gonna stop stalking some not-so-related blog and read the real book for inspirational life. Sometime I feel like shopaholism in me is like my another way of escaping from something. I don't know what is the something, but I feel like I'm not the old me anymore. (If you don't understand this part, it's ok, I don't understand too. I think it's a entering-adult-phase syndrome)

7. might be extracting my wisdom teeth. Recently, I find that they're not even exactly beside the second last teeh. so, I don't have to afraid that they will affect my teeth arrangement. I'm still waiting for them to grow slightly out so that it's easier for extraction.

8. might be joining the orientation buddy programme to bully some juniors. XD. I sent my application but I did not get any reply yet. :( The PIC is still busy with exam.

9. If possible, I wanna be otaku, staying at home unless for eating. :) [otaku is for male right? what is the term for female? otaki?]

10. oh, almost forget this, practise Hanon to make the piano happy because I haven't touched her since my sem starts and to train the brain and get long slender finger. XD. and mayb practise 1 new song that I haven't played b4.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

giving a theme to the blog maybe?

maybe I shall somehow turn my blog into a "money earning" tools because 'money money money must be funny, in the rich man world' ok, it's lame.
so I need to blog about something that I'm expertise.
1. shopping, (because I always so lucky to come across some deals. from FB, you know, klang ppl are really alert about this kind of deals. because we're mostly susie, kiasu+kiasi. There're some klang ppl stocking up maggie because they're afraid that the radiation will affect the Malaysian, how is it not kiasi?)

2. skin care and healthy lifestyle, because I'm taking biomed? and I love reading nutritional books? and try to clarify some myth if possible.

only skincare will be discussed, because I believe, a healthy skin will glow even without make up. If your skin condition is terrible, thick foundation will make it look fake, thin foundation does not really cover it. and to cover the blemish and the same time not making it fake, it requires practices and skills.
To solve the problem and hassel, we should solve its root first. and that's why money spent on really good serum and sunblock instead of cosmetic.
Therefore, no makeup part,as I don't really wear makeup and that's why I lack of practice. or maybe I should utilise the cosmetic I have now and wear light makeup to uni when I don't have practical.

pathetic thing bout being a scientist: cannot wear make up because the mascara/eyeshadow might dirty the microscope eye piece. It's not a random fact, it's truth, we were asked to remove mascara last sem for biology lab T.T not me btw. It's stated in the manual as well.

Anyway, I'm still considered wearing makeup to uni everyday. I wear BB cream only. XD. so it's face makeup. *you may boo me now*

another thing is, my uni friend are not wearing makeup, so I will be the bimbo one wearing makeup. I dare to dress up nicely to uni with dresses and heels but not make up, i know, how irony. but makeup + dresses will make you looks like you're attending some really important event right?

plus another thing is, everyday I have to wake up at 6 am and my eyes are still in the sleepy state. maybe next sem la, will start with applying mascara and eyeshadow because I have 6 mascaras with me. I only bought 1, others are given as gift when I went to makeover, lucky draw and birthday gift. -.-. and they're unopened. so still can use la. and an awesome blue eyeshadow from Shiseido waiting for me to use it. >.<

3. fashion. this one a bit BHB la. Since I have so many clothes and bags, must well fully utilise them for having my own mini fashion show at home. lalalalalala~ my fashion style?very random and somehow extreme sometimes. I follow my mood and occasion one. I can be very chin chai by wearing just t shirt and jeans to uni to very dolled up from head to toe.

At the same time, showing how a petite should dress to look tall.

4. DIY. modifying old clothes like I used to do it in this blog.

5. some cooking recipe?

6. reviews on online blogshop and product I used.

trying to turn my blog into BIE (blog in education)

and most important, remember to put labels for post, so that other reader can google from it. (maybe I should remove some really private posts. )

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random reason to make me feel better

payment is late again.
so, all kind of reasons I have made for them. (excuses perhaps?)
1. They're so considerate about my health that I'm losing weight now. even my breast is getting smaller. :X (Does it also indicate lower chance to get raped?)
I can't eat the Rm 3.50 chicken thigh, vanilla shake from San Francisco, chicken & cheese pratha wrap from Hot 'n' Roll, tomato rice and even chicken rice that costs RM4.
(FYI: These're food in Monash cafeteria. secretly wishes that they should close down the lousy sushi stall which is even expensive than sakae sushi and bring in Subway or Wendy's. They're considered as healthy fast food I assume?)
and chap fan in Monash is not economic at all (that's why I called it chap fan not economic rice)
a scoop of meat for RM 3?!!

Thanks to JPA, I'm not eating any solid food anymore.
and for lunch, I'm eating the RM 1.50 meehoon and tahan until dinner.
As usual, dinner is home cooked food, and obviously I don't have to pay.

AND honestly, I owe chiam chiam a lot because he is paying the bill recently. We usually pay for our parts because both of us are equally poor, but now I'm even poorer. not poor la, but to save the money for future use. The longer time JPA takes to pay us, the tighter budget I have to plan.

2. I don't get to shop anymore which is good in treating the shopaholism in me.
I don't even dare to pass by my fav store like cotton on & F21 because I'm afraid that I couldn't control myself.

3. they're saving money for me. I planned my not-so-tight monthly budget according to the money given per sem. and I assumed that they would be giving the money in feb. so I start my budget in March. and now, I think I will be getting money in April. So I get to allocate the March allowance into my Japanese language education fund + Lasik beautification fund + sewing machine fund+ and even future wedding fund! The more months they dragged, the more I save because I'm so paranoid that my money will be finished before they gave us the money. I cut down some of my expenses in order to survive for next month. When they finally give the money, the one I save can be allocated to those funds again.
I'm starting to love them.

4. They're training me to know what I should do when I'm very poor. I'm more motivated to make jewellery because that's one of my income. and I even dreamed of being a private Chinese language tutor in Monash to earn some side income, because I saw some ppl sticking notice that offers private French classes in Monash. I not sure how private can it be, but I assume, it wouldn't be that bad if he/she is a hot tutor right? (you have to think a bit senget in this statement)
well, that's a good side of foreign uni, anything random can be found in the notice board. The next time I might see ppl sticking notice to find a girl friend. typing this makes me think of someone in my class XD you know who you are.

p.s: anyone interested in learning Mandarin from me? I can teach you hokkien and canto too. foul words and good words, both I know XD Once you mastered both, when someone scold you in hokkien foul words like Chao ah gua (is it even a foul word?) , you can show the finger!
p.p.s: obviously, I'm joking about the tutor part. It's a dream and I'm not a good teacher/tutor. I will get mad once I explained for too many times.

5. They're also training me in adjusting my budget. I planned my monthly budget with my limited money. Everytime I wanted to splurge, I will check whether it is allowed by my budget.
Ppl always say, A person with multidisciplinary skills will have higher rate to be employed. Next time, I can apply this budget skills in my product invention.

That's all my reason.I thought of them when I was in the KTM. SEE, KTM is the place where inspiration comes. Maybe one day, inspiration might come for my product invention. Then when people are interviewing me, I would say I got the idea when I was in the KTM. *dreaming*

Phrase of the day: (I know it has been disappeared for a long time) Reader digest is much more expensive than CLEO?! I rather be a dumb blond then. *temporarily*
*story behind: The magazine agents were in Monash just now,and I got the quotations. Even after discount, Reader Digests is still RM 9 per issue.I didn't know that a pocket sized magazine can be that exp.T.T gonna borrow the library one*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I lost my passion in blogging. WWFK.
So this blog will be buried in deep soil until the owner regain the passion.
I don't have interesting stuff/topic to post.
How about the blog debt? I forgot what I wanna discuss in that specific topic. will discuss them once I regain the inspirations!
I don't wanna simply write a boring journal.
blog should be fun to read right?
oh, and I'm sort of a dumb blond (okay, dumb brunette) sometimes.
So I don't write inspiring pieces!
For inspiring pieces, read Mahatma Gandhi's quote please!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 3*

This is the last part as I don't want to make my reader bored with my merchandises anymore though I still shop with my limited money. YEAR END SALE LEH. how to resist? and RM 5 for a cute F21 necklace. you tell me?!you tell me?!

I shopped online since I got my maybank acc which is too convenient to buy stuff online provided that the blogshop is based in M'sia. That's why I have not tried oversea online shopping.

(but recently I found out from my ji mui that debit card can be used for paypal. *scream scream scream*self control, yin xian. and oversea postage is expensive and you have to wait for quite long. NO NO NO.)

okay, let's go to the main topic.
I shall discuss my online shopping experience shop by shop, instead of date. At the same time, to get some credit from some online shop by advertising for them. XD I really love their products one lo. I'm a blogger with ethics. will not chin chai recommend one. I bought from a lot of shops before, if the service and products are not good, I won't go back to them.

I bought from this shop for 4 times d. The photo above is the stuff I got in 2 times. Most of them are wearable except the two white shirt. They're too sheer and I need to wear singlet inside. So i got a lesson here, don't buy white shirt online.

-reasonable price from RM 15 to RM 50, so you can't expect much on the quality. It is not top notch, but wearable la.
-Very good service plus free gift given (though it is just a mask, but better than nothing) . I just ordered from them not long ago, they sent me the wrong item, instead of a hair clip, they gave me a hair band which I already bought it long time ago. So, I told them, they asked me to keep the hair band and they're going to send the hair clip to me. whee! tell me, who doesn't love free gift? (okay lah, that hair band is RM 7.80 only. If they sent wrong clothes or bag which are impossible, I think they won't ask me to keep lo.) then very very long time ago, I wanted to redeem something with my points, but I need to settle the bill and wait for the system to refresh my points for redemption. So I texted them for faster response, they settled it in a short time. :) really impressed with their service.

-need to buy for RM 200 to get free shipping. anyway, the shipping is RM 6 flat rate which is quite cheap also la.
-the white shirt quality is not good. but believe me, most of the china manufactured white shirt are like that.

-quality better than yfink66 sometimes, but it depends on the price one, if the stuff is slightly expensive, like RM 35 for a jacket. (normally can get for RM 20) , the quality turned out very good. I got the grey jacket (2nd pic) for RM 35.90. and surprisingly, the quality is so good,and the stitches are fine.
-good service as well, the 1st time I bought from them, I bought a bag plus other stuff la. Then on the way to my house, the box and the bag inside is broken, it was then sent back to them, and they refund me. All this happen before I know that my bag is broken. So i did not get to see the broken bag.
- Rm 100 and above for free shipping.
-RM 8 for shipping if you buy under RM 100.
-some stuff are quite pricey compared to other websites.

- the accessories are cheap when they're having offer.
- free shipping for RM 20 and above.
- quite pricey
- the clothes quality are not good enough. most of them are not wearable esp the white one. T.T. bought the white one, because wanna test their quality of white shirt. mana tau still as bad as yfink66 white shirt. very sheer. So I assume that white shirt online are normally sheer. and you can't see it before you buy.

4. Dep

- good quality
- the stuff look quite high end.
- more expensive than most of the website.(I bought them when they're giving promo where some stuff is only RM 5. the stuff above are all RM 5)

I know about this website when they're having a booth in Monash.
- good quality
- reasonable price
- using pos express for RM 3 flat rate.
- Some stuff will be sold out really fast.

bought these books because I can't find some of them in Popular . They are sold out in Popular. And the books are cheap, range from RM 10 - RM 12 per book. (one of the reason why I read chinese books more than english books. LOL)

got it because they're having sales. This is a topshop dress selling at RM 35. got this because, errr, that time is having marine mood. (shopaholic sial~)

p/s: There're some other blogshops that I bought from, like Blu&black and 7 deadly sins.but since I'm doing on where I spent my JPA money, so I did not introduce them here.