Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 1*

From now on, my name is Rebecca Chua. (FYI: Rebecca is the character in Confession of a shopaholic )
However, I don't like the name. So in this story, my name is Rebecca, but in real life, I'm not Rebecca, so please, do not call me Rebecca in the public. I will not answer, because I'm not used to the name.
I returned 2k to my mom, for the registration and IELTS fee.
do the math, I left 2.6k right?
let see how I spent it.
So, I got the money on 2/11/2010. My uni friends are lucky stars, after eating bah kut teh with them, I got my money. XD

I shall start with the real life shopping.then to the online shopping in next post as photo is attached to every transaction.

The opening day for Uniqlo.
I bought a RM 279.90 down jacket for my mom,as she was going to China few days after that.
In addition, I spent around RM 170 on these.(a pair of RM 80 wedges, a RM 10 t shirt, a RM25 dress , transportation and meals.)
Comment: still acceptable la. lai, let's do some calculation, my cash in hand left RM 2150.After that, my mom sort of pay back the jacket as my pocket money. I still have RM 2450

Got the Uniqlo tote bag because I bought RM 200 above stuff. HAHAHAHA. eventhough I'm not the 1st 1000 to enter and get it free. The RM 25 dress is so berbaloi lo, because it's so fit on me.(you know, those sg wang RM 25 shop doesn't allow you to try on the spot. It's luck-based. :P)

The bazaar in Subang Parade.
spent around RM 80 for those lovely fabrics from Fabrics Fanatic, pretty cupcakes and someSouled Sister preloved clothes.
Comment: ok la. investment for Seenamon stuff and one of the skirt is RM 5. how on earth you can resist that? and i got free stuff for buying from Fabrics Fanatic and Souled Sister.
Comment: Erm, for so many stuff bought in less than RM 100. for me is still ok la. (later on, I will share more terrifying experience.)
mathematics time: I left RM 2370

The red stripe shirt is RM 10, the floral skirt is RM 5 and the pink skirt is RM 10.

My exam ended. And my shopaholism grew wild! bought my bday dress, peacock feather head band and peacock feather earring for RM 134. stuff from Diva for RM 19.
Comment: spent around RM 150. left RM 2220

This is where I started to get broke. I went GM, bought clothes for RM 60. and RM 210 investment in Seenamon stuff. (okay, some earrings are mine.)
Comment: I left RM 1950.

The jumper and cardigan are RM 20 and RM 16. then both singlet are RM 5 each. One more dress is Iona's present.

Went to bkt bintang area again. with fei fei and jie qi. the main theme is to dine in Jogoya and dress hunt for fei fei. But she didn't get anything, but i got my bday party dress and a si beh sui statement ring from F21 and two pairs of shoes from Nose. total spent: RM 190 + jogoya meals around RM 65= RM 255 round it off, RM 260
Comment: I left RM 1690

The black pump is RM 43 , the flat is RM 30. Both after 50% off. and yeah, not going to show my bday party dress here. it supposed to be a surprise.

Since my summer classes starts, I go to Sunway pyramid like everyday I have class, because the canopy walk from Sunway College to Sunway Pyramid is done. So, easy access to there. This is where the shopaholism growl more fierce than a lion.

I forgot the date.
In total,I bought 2 pairs of rubi for RM 25, cotton on earrings for RM 5, 3 cotton on bags for two for RM 5 and another for RM 29, a pair of cotton on slipper for RM 15 and a key necklace for 21st bday for RM 15.
Total spent: RM 100 (round it off to RM 90)
I left RM 1590

the floral one is PWP, got it for RM 29, the "I love shoe" bag is RM 5 for charity purpose, the stripe tote bag, RM 5. I KNOW, SO CHEAP.

Bought the wrong size for floral shoe. It's size 36. and I'm size 37 for rubi covered shoe.
ANYONE WANTS IT? RM10/= only! wore once.

And I have to minus some money for all the good food.
I had Chilis for RM 90, BBQ plaza for RM 50, O'briens sandwich for RM 16,then go makan with my uni friend in Sunway Pyramid.

And I spent RM 50 on Daiso stuff. I bought the button kits for Seenamon and all the la la zap zap stuff.
I left RM 1390.

Oh, and one day, my cousin brought me to reject shop or FOS warehouse sales. spent another RM 200

Bought this trench coat for RM 90 after 50% off. It's from Somerset bay, one of my fav brand because they have all these very Old England style with all the roses and embroidery. Many said it's a waste. But for me, I think it's wearable in M'sia as it's made of thin fabrics plus it's short sleeve. I prefer outer wear in short sleeves because I look weird in long sleeve sometimes. AND IT'S SO BLAIR WALDORF. The fabrics got some motives one. cannot show in the pic.

both for RM5 each

all for RM100.
Comment: I left RM1190 T.T (continue spending for online shopping, next post when I have time)

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