Sunday, December 26, 2010

Confession of Rebecca Chua *part 2*

This shall be about the pro and cons of online shopping and all the stuff I bought online.
At the same time, doing a blog post (or I should say an advertorial that I did it voluntarily so that I can get free credit from that website?*but it is really good one, ok? I don't simply recommend one.It's just nice that I'm doing this shopping post and at the same time I found this event on the website.)

P/s:To the blogshop, I'm doing a combination of all the blogshop I shopped. So, I would say all parties have their pro and cons and not all the content in the blogshop are the same. You don't shop in only one place also right?

Some criteria I check before I start shopping online:
1. ready stock
I prefer ready stock for a few reasons:
a) sometimes the owner will post up the actual photo since the clothes are already with them. If it is preorder, all we can see is the taiwan model which obviously have big difference between our height. If it is a real person, it adds credit. Hanging on the clothes hanger is still acceptable.
Let say, if you really x1000 want to get the clothes on the model, try to get those clothes which looks nice when they are loose and unisize. Eg: long t shirt, cardigan and legging. If you really like those body fitting type, buy with your own risk lo. Last time, I WENT AND BOUGHT IT. I'm very regret as the cutting is weird.I don't have those standard body shape, so it turns out very cacat.

b) you can get it like in 2 days? whereas preorder needs 2 to 4 weeks time, and sometime got custom problem as well.

c) safer in the sense that you are getting it in a short time, so even it is a cheat blogshop, you can know immediately and BOYCOTT THE FELLA (a bit violent). Anyway, so far, I never get cheated. *touch wood* If it is preorder, they might make up excuse like your shipping is lost when they're coming from China. It is your responsibility because they're not responsible to the lost. bla bla bla. (I'm thinking too much maybe? I have good imagination sometimes)

2. Price
In online shop, the good thing is you can compare price easily. You don't have to walk the whole mall to search for the exact same piece (which is almost impossible) to check for the price and not only that, you will not get the scary stare and too passionate service from the salesgirl for touching the clothes and checking the price tag.
Golden rule: every price have their own quality. expensive things normally come with good quality and better material. The "taiwan model" photo may look the same for both website, but in fact, the expensive one might be made of better quality. Again, it's your luck and that's why actual photo is important

3. the banking info.
preferably maybank as money can be transfered via maybank2u. I have not try other bank online service except bank islam so that I can check on JPA payment at home. Maybank2u has higher security control where you got SMS for every transaction. Not only that, before you do a transaction, a code will send to your phone. Thus, money can only be transfered when the code is available. UNLIKE BANK ISLAM. They don't ask for my hp no when I register online banking in the ATM. so I assume they do not send the code to us and I'm not going to use that acc for online stuff. again, I'm a poor student. even with allowance, I spent them very fast. SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR ENERGY TO KIDNAP ME. It's better to use the energy to work and earn your own money.

4. shipping method
I prefer skynet or poslaju or pos express.
Skynet staff are friendly (at least for my area la) I can call them to schedule the time if I'm not at home to collect the parcel. So tracking number is important to me. With tracking number, I know I'm not cheated by the owner and at the same time, can check on my parcel location.
Whereas for poslaju, even if they leave a note for me to collect from the office, it's still ok as the poslaju office is still somewhere I can go with public transport.
The best thing is they are almost same price.

5. the colour.
try to avoid sheer colour like white, sometimes, since it's China brand, the fabrics is so thin that it can be seen through easily. So do not take risk, choose darker colour, even if it is thin, it's still not so obvious to be seen through.

That's all I think. I think I should make this a post and another post for my online haul? It is for easy viewing purpose.
and my readers will not wonder how come I never post the next part after so long.
very sorry >.< , I was busy with LAN subject assignment recently.
My bf is making me not to shop btw. He kept on repeating that, cheap stuff doesn't mean you have to buy it and you have too many clothes + bags d.
So, to somehow please the bf, and at the same time, my shopping rate is too terrifying. I decided to put part of my money as FD.

Again, if you wanna kidnap me, what I have in the FD is a small amount. It's not worth it to spend all your brain juice in planning to kidnap me. If you have the mind to plan a kidnap, you must well use your mind to invent something. God gives you brilliant mind, and you use it to kidnap people. You have brilliant but immature/inhumane/irrational mind.
Actually, if you kidnap me, I will let you do, as Mahatma Gandhi said that, when the villain hurt you, just let it be, so that they can realise their mistake. something like that, can't find the quote. It's the same theory from the scriptures in Bible, if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap on your left cheek too. So I'm heading that phase, not going to curse people when they do something wrong. I will thank them as well so that they can realise it's their mistake. Lots of patience needed for this phase.

But at the same time, I'm afraid of getting raped.-.-. anyway, forget the last part. It's because of too many moral essay were written recently.

*random stuff inserted instead of the main topic. Btw, my stuff that I bought online in next post. need some time to organise my stuff for photo!

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