Thursday, December 9, 2010

blog debt

I got some inspiration while I was in the bus or class.
and everytime when I 'm free to blog, I forget the theme.
So, better jot down here.(not going to blog because it's 12.46 am. lame excuse)

1. story of a dumb "brunette" spending 2.6k in a month. By the way, it is a sad story, so remember to bring tissue. It is more or less like 'Confession of a Shopaholic'.Inside the story, you will know the pro and cons for online shopping and real life shopping & some good bargain and lousy bargain. It also includes the protagonist showing off her purchase. oh, and how she is going to pass the days until CNY. The story comes with some useful tips to save money because she learnt a lesson from this.*expecting a long post or I shall break them into pieces?*

2. How to 'renovate' your room with some cheap tools? errm, how to organise your stuff?*tutorial*

3. this topic is slightly boring. It's about training our brain.I'm currently reading a book on this.

4. some ads for Seenamon maybe, since we're planning something great for year end. So, save some money for this grand sales!

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