Thursday, November 18, 2010


I should get another F21 dress due to reason below:
1st, 2 of my friends and chiam chiam saw the dress I bought recently. They said that it's way too simple. So, I should keep the simple one for my actual birthday and buy another one for birthday party. YEAH!
2nd, It's not a forever 21 dress. It's tagged as I love H81, a brand under F21. you can kill me in this statement.But the purpose I want a F21 dress is because of the tag showing the 21.
3rd, I dunno
4th, I dunno
5th, I should really get one. and there is Year End Sales. Noone can resist sales, ok?

I sort of giving all the excuses to get a F21 dress. suddenly feel so someone.
p/s: I know what to blog for my holiday entry. I shall talk about my online shopping experience and real shopping experience.

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