Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I thought

I thought my summer classes will be so easy and relaxing.
I thought after the summer class of the day, I still have time to make some stuff.
I thought I still have some time to waste on Facebook and watching movie or drama I wanted to watch so long ago.
I have one essay,one drama, several journals and an acitivity to work on.
When I reach home, I am so exhausted.
my weekends and off day?
I have no idea how it leaked. :X
must really plan my time wisely.
(normally after everyone typing this, they'll remain the same. I hope that I'm not the one doing this as well)

I think I'm too kepo in stalking people's blog or FB.
( seriously must cut down this, read more beneficial stuff instead. )

And those unnecessary online window-shopping.
(but window-shop inspire me in making stuff!)
So very sorry for the lack of update in DIY projects!

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