Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I thought

I thought my summer classes will be so easy and relaxing.
I thought after the summer class of the day, I still have time to make some stuff.
I thought I still have some time to waste on Facebook and watching movie or drama I wanted to watch so long ago.
I have one essay,one drama, several journals and an acitivity to work on.
When I reach home, I am so exhausted.
my weekends and off day?
I have no idea how it leaked. :X
must really plan my time wisely.
(normally after everyone typing this, they'll remain the same. I hope that I'm not the one doing this as well)

I think I'm too kepo in stalking people's blog or FB.
( seriously must cut down this, read more beneficial stuff instead. )

And those unnecessary online window-shopping.
(but window-shop inspire me in making stuff!)
So very sorry for the lack of update in DIY projects!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I should get another F21 dress due to reason below:
1st, 2 of my friends and chiam chiam saw the dress I bought recently. They said that it's way too simple. So, I should keep the simple one for my actual birthday and buy another one for birthday party. YEAH!
2nd, It's not a forever 21 dress. It's tagged as I love H81, a brand under F21. you can kill me in this statement.But the purpose I want a F21 dress is because of the tag showing the 21.
3rd, I dunno
4th, I dunno
5th, I should really get one. and there is Year End Sales. Noone can resist sales, ok?

I sort of giving all the excuses to get a F21 dress. suddenly feel so someone.
p/s: I know what to blog for my holiday entry. I shall talk about my online shopping experience and real shopping experience.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

holiday holiday holiday!

project will be resume *soon*
I'm still thinking what to do.hmmm

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I was reading my old blog last week.
and I came across a list to do in each stage of my life.
sadly, so far none of them achieved.
I didn't get 3.5 above. I didn't get into UM, UPM, UKM.I didn't even do nutrition.
and I wasn't with same guy anymore.
But, still if God let me rewind the time, I will choose not to.
I prefer this plan. It is better.
I got 3.33.Initially, I really can't accept the truth. I overestimated myself. But,PTL, it's still over 3.00 and I still can continue my degree in Monash under JPA.

so I got into Monash (which is higher ranking than UM) for free +allowance.There was a rush before entering.I had to take IELTS and I need to get band 6 and above and I only have like 3 weeks to prepare. After that, I have to waste 2 week to wait for the result.I missed the orientation, I missed 1st week of class.I think I'm adapting well, except the procrastination part.

I am doing medical bioscience. my mind changed during form 6.It's tough to get into the same course in local university. I am happier in this course as I'm learning on human body system. I did not forget my interest in nutrition, thus I'm taking nutrition as one of my elective subject. With God's help, I hope that I can combine these two field of study in one day. I did not forget my objective of learning this, to create awareness in Malaysian to eat healthy food and not over dependent on pills. I wanna know all those secret codes in the food. oh, not to forget, since I have to work with government when I'm graduate, I can reach those lower income family to change their lifestyle.Like American belief, it's better to die than to get sick. It shows that how expensive medical fee is. I personally think that, if you want to become a doctor, please please, don't work for the money. If you really want a huge income, please find another way, like working part time as lecturer or writing a book. (a good question: If like that, how to support my shopaholism? erm, I will find a way la,but definitely not from the patient and I believe gov will give a good pay with good incentives.)

My current bf is more compatible with me.we're both siao people, and we danced SNSD Gee while looking at the video, and we both have the same thought in certain important issue. Not to deny that I was immature during the breaking up process with my ex. Anyway, luckily I did not make the wrong decision in this. Chiam chiam and I still madly in love even though we're together for almost two years. We have the same frequency in cracking jokes. We understand each other jokes very well. We sometimes can read each other mind. Anyway, to avoid my reader having goosebumps, I shall stop here.

Do I leak too many personal stuff? I don't think so as it's just my thought in believing God.
PTL. To have faith is to be sure of things we hope for, to be certain of things we do not see. Just keep believing, until one day, even though what you got is something beyond your expectation, you will find that, you're more pleased with this unexpected ending. Never give up when a small things is out of your expectation. The small outlier might be a piece of new puzzle in creating a better life.Now, God bless me in studying for biology!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WHEE! I left only one paper!

so I shall resume my DIY project after that.
I might sort of leave this blog aside and create a new blog, purely for DIY stuff.
To be safe, I decided not to leak too many personal stuff in the cyber world.
Or I shall use this blog purely for DIY projects after this post and no more personal stuff.
Leave a comment!
I prefer the latter, as I'm lazy to open a new blog. -.-.LOL.
I'm being pointless.
okay, bye