Thursday, October 14, 2010


1st, I hate being extremely tired during M. It's like my mind is still energetic,I wanna do more stuff, BUT I'm physically worn out. need more Brands chicken essence perhaps.

2nd, after looking at the blog Aisha recommended on my chatbox, I'm so inspired and motivated. and here am I presenting to your guys my * long lost promised* project. :P sowie. (project in next post.allow me to update on my current status,okay? (skip this lo, if you really not interested in my personal life. >.<)

3rd, I end my 1st sem today. It's so sudden, I supposed to have my last lecture tomorrow. My dad called the carpenters to make furniture in my house tomorrow. It's supposed to be my dad who taking care of them,but it ended up that he has emergency stuff in his workplace and he can't take leave,so I am taking care of them.well, luckily it's just a revision lecture. (long sentence I have. I held my breath to finish reading it. LOL)

4th, lesson learnt/issue happened in my 1st sem in Monash
~ I must improve my english in scientific writing if I wanna make it to Cambridge Uni. Oh,I shall state my aim here to motivate myself in really improve my scientific writing. I came across a Monash seniors who took the same course as mine doing phD in Cambridge Uni.So it's possible for a Malaysian to be in such famous uni . According to my professor, studying phD require a good skills in english. SO I MUST READ MORE JOURNALS.

~ I must not be last minute anymore. I got my essay which is done last minute.It is done badly. not even half of the marks. It's probably due to my last minute preparation. :/

~ be more friendly in uni maybe? I'm so cool and arrogant in the uni. :) and scolded some of my friends as well. I'm really sorry for that, but sometimes to be frank, I really can't tolerate people with negative mind.
I know some of the syllabus might be tough, but still we have to face it.It's the reality. I prefer to face them happily and try my best to overcome it. Friends, we passed the 2nd toughest exam, so why can't we overcome this too?
No complains and do your work is the current motto I'm strongly hold to. I'm grateful to get a scholarship to study in Monash, and I didn't really do well in STPM. So,I'm really lucky this time. PTL for that.
and yeah, think before you ask, refer to any source you can before asking the lecturer question.I find it humiliating to ask question which the answer is available in the lecture notes or the lecturer just stated in the class. This only proves that you were not listening at all and came into class with no preparation at all.
STILL, the main point is CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT YOU'RE GOING TO DIE OR YOU 'RE VERY CHAM WHEN YOU HAVE ASSIGNMENTS OR LOW SCORE ?do you think you're that cham or "die-able" than those kids in Africa? At least you're in university. They don't even have proper education.

Again, learn the mistake and carry on (Chow, S.C, 2010). For G's sake, you're not teenagers anymore. be independent and ask the right question.

okay, maybe I shouldn't be that serious in this "die lah, cham lah" issue. It might be your way to say shit or F or Damn,I shall try to understand.

p/s: For my uni friend who read this, I stated this issue here not to humiliate you guys. Just a critic or suggestion for improvement. and if you really wanna bring this issue in uni, i would say, what stays in internet stays there. If you wanna make the situation awkward for everyone, bring it on.

~ I wanna be the chio-est student in School of Science (you know, normally only business or art student will dress up nicely to uni). LOL. So I wear nicely to uni almost everyday. My motto is, If you buy clothes, you must find every chance to wear them, so that they're not wasted. (and I can't be that crazy wearing them at home, right?) However,I don't make up to uni, so I'm not bimbo,Am I?well,if you want to consider me as a bimbo, you're welcome to do so. but please, call me a cute bimbo.OH OH,or bambee also can.

~ I gonna join more activities next year, like joining the silver wing project. I have no idea whether it'll be available next year, but I really miss organising activities like I did in my secondary education. YEAH~

4th, Seenamon is having a booth in bazaar again!!! *thrilled* It's around november, one of the saturday! right now, beside studying until mental wrecking, I spare some time for jewellery making to relax my brain.

5th, JPA is still holding my money. I gonna have money for 2 semesters to spend in 1 semesters soon. LOL. but right now, I'm broke. :(

that's all the important updates I think.
thanks for reading. (if there's any reader,I doubt)

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