Friday, October 15, 2010

delayed project! /girlish sneakers.

So sorry for the delay. and here is it!
late better than never right? This is the favourite slogan for lazy ppl. *ahem*

This is the shoe I bought in rubi, Sunway pyramid for RM 14.50. CHEAP RIGHT? but the colour is so dull. So it definitely needs some modification.

So I took off the ugly black shoe lace and replace with the real LACE.

I bought the lace in Taiping street in Klang for RM 0.50 per meter i think.

measure the length with the black shoe lace, so that it'll not be too short and too long.

burn each ends of the lace.

Put the lace through.

actually there're so many DIY modifications on apparel that's so simple, but we just didn't realise them.
So, live creatively.
I usually bought stuffs which is multifunctional. even for clothes,I love tubes where I can wear them as skirt or upper wear.

difficulty : *

p/s: this is done two months ago. >.<

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