Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to modify your plain and boring blouse into a military-ish blouse?

This's supposed to be done when I was having my sweet holidays.
BUT , (there's always but for me. :P) I was lazy.
cut it short.let's start on the project!
I'm turning a plain blouse into a more stylish one in a few simple steps.

1st,get a blouse with button as we're going to change the button only.I KNOW,FREAKING EASY RIGHT?

This is the blouse I'm using.bought it online for RM 28.It's a good purchase as the size is just nice on me.

2nd, get some button which looks "military-ish"

I bought them from the green shop beside Delta HQ.I think bought it for RM 0.50 each.

3rd,pass the button through the hole.You don't wanna sew it then realise it can't pass through the hole,right?

4th,remove the button.

5th, tie a knot at the end of the thread and pass through the tiny hole.

pass through the tiny hole.

6th, put in the button and sew it diagonally.

7th, tie the knot and repeat the steps for other button.and voila!

I know I know,it's a small difference. but it looks better,isn't it?
Difficulty: * (it's very hard if you don't know how to sew.XD)

Next project: make your sneaker to look girlish. (hopefully I can do it tomorrow,alhamdulilah.XD)

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