Thursday, July 8, 2010

lama tak jumpa.

though it's only 8 days , it seems very long for me.
As the Chinese proverb said,1 day of separation is as long as three autumns.(means 3 years btw.The Chinese loves to make you think deeply.)
so,8 days means 24 years lo.get it?

forgive me for the "standardize" format,I'm sort of prepared for formal writing recently due to IELTS.LOL.Actually I didn't write much,I did more on the listening and reading.
As for speaking,talking to myself since my holidays started helps me a lot.I speak english to myself,for your information,again due to IELTS.

so IELTS,you better gimme a presentable result.I'm not greedy,ngam ngam fulfill the requirement for Monash is enough. I'm demanding, I know.thanks to my 5 years experience as a monitor.tsk tsk tsk.please allow me to boast about this. :)

Anyway,was kinda emo just now because of misunderstanding happened.Or only me,thought that was misunderstanding.I can be sensitive sometimes.

Maybe I should be more understanding so that there's no misunderstanding.
Oh oh oh,it rhymes.

In contrast,(see see see,another cliche for formal writing) I shall be tougher!!
RAWR. noone can control my emotion,and noone shall make me cry anymore.
tears away,use johnson&johnson.


This's my final word.

there's another one.
get well soon,orange! (didn't use this long time ago)
I'll pray for you hard hard one. (typical lala phrase.okay okay,serious one)
I'll seek for God's help in healing you,ok?

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