Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm legend!

It seems like everyone is preparing to leave for IPTA or IPTS.
and I'm stuck in klang doing IELTS. T.T

and not only that,I'm not going to stay in Monash campus even if my allowance given is high enough to pay the rent.I don't have the moving/pre moving shopping to do.T.T.
Thanks my dad who still think that I'm a small girl and berangan-angan wanna go clubbing.
1st: I don't go clubbing
because I'm only 5 inch.I'll be squeezing in between ppl's breast instead of ppl's shoulder.
because I hate ppl smoking.
because the drink there is expensive .I know there's ladies night but the only drink i'll order there is coke or fruit juice. no point kan? I rather save the money on something else like SHOPPING!!
because society there can be complicated.I want to stay simple.
because the place is super duper noisy like hell.I can't even talk there.
btw,how I know all these?
thanks my dad again who brought me to pub/club since I was young.
I even counted down there before.

okay,to be frank,I'll stay out late if I'm staying outside.I'll go makan the legendary asia cafe/murni/SS2/snowflakes/all the ding dong restaurant.I know,I'm sua ku, and have never been there before.
again,thanks my dad for those stupid curfew and my mom for the outing quota when I'm already over 18 year old.

and yet,I'm ranting like a 17 year old. LOL
but I know,as the only daughter,the way to raise me up is different as well.=.=
right now,I can do nothing on this issue but just wait.