Monday, June 28, 2010


You have my sincere apologies if you're expecting for my post on my survival during holidays.
I'm not prepared and not going to prepare until 10th of July.
Blogger 'll be investigating how handsome English is.
so that she can date with Monash after passing through IELTS,a series of test.
(weird weird weird,I'm investigating English,so that I can get Monash as my date) *try to think it another way*

I got my lappie.
that's the only update I wanna inform.

p/s: I'm doubt that anyone reading my blog religiously like I'll give a light of hope.LOL.

p/p/s:Relieved after finding that Monash is still waiting for me even though I have not passed the requirement. I'm so touched.

p/p/p/s: I shall work harder to get my date. Oh well,I'm working it by blogging and watching movie in english,ain't I? *oppsie*

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Cherylyn said...

you should try to find the musical called My Fair Lady. It's in British English. You'll learn A LOT ! XD