Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another excitement~
I'm going to Singapore from 17th to 19th again.with my aunt and cousins.4 of us.
and I'll not shop so often there since the main thing is universal studio and sentosa island and I'm sort of broke,and I don't dare to ask too much money from my parents since I already spent on the ticket and accommodation. Anyway,Singapore hotel is expensive,even budget hotel is expensive.
this time,I must get two pairs of rubi. (two pairs are cheaper)

btw,I'm going to get my IPTA result when I'm back which is on the 19th.
If I can online there,I 'll check there


Anonymous said...

aks ur frenz to check for u den sms u lo..

Charmaine~♥ said...

Good Luck for the IPTA. =DD

petite said...

anonymous : may I know who is this?
Amin: thank you thank you.

joven said...

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