Friday, June 25, 2010

review on Irenelim fashion

Holidays turn me into a shopaholic,as you guys know.

For the previous holidays,I was having the real shopping.I went to the mall and shopped.Be it window shopping or the real shopping where purchasing is involved.

But,for this holiday,I got myself a maybank account.The place to shop become wider.I can shop online,I can go to certain website,view the clothes,just like those real life window shopping.The only difference is,I don't have to be served by some really rude sales assistant.I can stay in the website as long as I can.I can even compare the price between website A and website B,while in real life,it's tiring and time-consuming to do so.

So one day,I came across this ad in the FB tab.I got all those online store from the tab btw.
I found out this website is exactly what I'm searching for.An affordable,a commoner as model and most importantly,a ready stock online store -Irenelim fashion

1st,the price is affordable.There's no three digit for the price.LOL

2nd, it's quite important to have a commoner to be the model,instead of those tall,slim,beautiful, proffesional model.We don't have the perfect body as the proffesional model.So with a commoner as model,we can see the design and cutting of the clothes better.

3rd,ready stock.I hate waiting for my parcel.I once ordered preorder stock,and it takes me a month.Like the Cantonese said,wait until the neck become longer.Oh well,we can get our clothes from Irene the next day right after you made payment.AH,good good.To prove that I'm not lying, read here.

Not only that,as a president of HP club, (FYI: hiao po club aka vain ppl club,created by my aunt) I shall take up the challenge to write this review to get a FREE dress.

I 'll never have enough clothes.Who say only diamond is the girls' best friend? you can't wear diamond without nice clothes as well. :)

p/s: I didn't buy from the website yet,because I saw some I really like,but someone is faster than me,she bought it. *sad*

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