Friday, June 25, 2010

insomia is back AGAIN

I have insomia again.
and therefore I'm here.
Oh ya,regarding to my survival of Yin Xian during holidays,it has failed partially.
because I was moody (the IPTA outcome) , busy (back from Sg,unpacked,then went to waterfall,then went to Monash,then teman my chiam chiam for his last week in Klang.) and busy again (IELTS, jewellery to work on)
Hence the project is delayed. :(
I'm not a good project manager.
I'll be starting it again next monday.SINCE MY STUPID HOLIDAY 'LL BE EXTENDED UNTIL 26th.
See how much I wanna go to university......T.T.....I call my holiday stupid.
What am I gonna do in the two weeks waiting for result?
My mom suggested that,I can lepak around in the 2 weeks.-.-.stupid idea.ignore her.All of my friends are in university,even my pork is not around.*inside joke, iona's one is beef*

How to lepak? tell me

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