Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday 5:How to change an A-shaped skirt into a bubble skirt?

I bought this skirt online,along with a shirt and a very cacated ribbon obe-like belt.
The length is awkward for my height.It'll makes my calf looks fat and short.That's why I need to modify it.
Material:thread,needle,headpin.and most important : a skirt with lining.

So this's the skirt.I know,I got conned.It's so ugly and differ from the photo in the website.

With lining inside

turn the skirt inside out so that the lining is outside.

since it's an A shaped skirt,the circumference of the outer layer 'll be bigger than the circumference of,you 'll need to fold the outer layer properly and pin it to secure it.

you can start sewing it.the sewing method 'll be shown in the bottom.

before I forget,fold the lining inwards and sew together with the outer layer.
here's the sewing method,back google for the video if you don't get it.but if you're good in using sewing machine,use the machine instead of hand. :)

tadah!it's done.

btw,I think my explaination is not really clear.basically,you just fold the outer layer inwards and sew together with the lining.that's all.

tomorrow post: I'm still not sure what to do yet as I just finished my last two papers today.I prepared my post the day before. :) need to take photo ma~