Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holiday 7: Food must take in Jogoya

So,today don't have any workshop as I went to Jogoya for their lunch buffet.(well,it's still one of my way to survive in the holiday)

1st: oyster.
It's expensive and everyone is fighting for be fast.
For those who're not dare to eat raw oyster,squished some lemon juice and apply lots of thousand island on it. I did that btw.
Oyster is rich in zinc which is important for male.......(you know what's the purpose) and female for shiny hair.

there're New zealand natural and Haagen why not? to make your payment worth.

3rd: red meat
it's more expensive than white meat and rice.LOL

4th: the coconut juice
It's sold around RM 5 outside i think and it's so nice to drink.

5th: Sashimi
I don't eat raw salmon but I took tako aka octopus leg.the only sashimi I dare to eat.

6th: any random food which can't find in other place.
eg: the dessert.whee.any food as long as it's not rice that 'll make you bloated.

that's all i think.I'm getting lesser mood in blogging.

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