Tuesday, June 15, 2010

holiday 6:things I used for my face.

1. face wash :
You have to wash your face 1st before applying make up.well,at least for me.
I used Hada Labo tamago hada facial cleanser.It claims to make your face appear like the hard boiled egg without shell.and tamago means egg.get it?
Anyway,after washing face using this cleanser,whether you wanna make up or not,still hv to apply sunblock as the cleanser contains AHA and BHA that 'll gently exfoliate your skin.So,sunblock is essential to prevent further darkening as exfoliated skin is sensitive to sunlight.

I used Hada Labo Shiro Jyun toner as it can brighten and hydrate my skin.A hydrated skin (NOTE: hydrate,not oily) can make makeup to appear natural and smooth.

3.Skin79 super+ Beblesh Balm aka BB cream:
if I'm going out to a informal place,my steps end here.BB cream enhance my complexion and the most important is,it does not make my skin look dull after applying for a certain period.ah well,some ppl (eg:my dad) said applying foundation 'll eventually make your face look dull when you're not applying it but BB cream improve my complexion instead.It'll slowly remove my pimple scar and blemish.and I make sure I remove the BB cream completely with make up remover and cleanser.

I'm using yves rocher corrector.it has two ends,one is medication for pimple,another side is concealer.not nice to use btw.I wanna buy a new one after i hv finished using it.

I'm using mary kay foundation.so far I feel that it's so-so only.will defintely change to another brand after it's finished.

6.eye shadow
Mary kay as well.I usually use the coal black for eyeliner.I use eye shadow as eyeliner.get it?
so it can be smudge a bit to look natural.I don't like hard solid eye line.then the base colour,depends on what I wear.

I have 3-5 mascara.but I used the Sasa mascara set which consist of fibre and mascara when I'm going for formal event.I used Loreal/Mary kay mascara when it's less formal.I usually curl my lashes and curl another time with heat curler for lashes for lasting effect.

I'm using the cosway blushes.and i'm still finding for a better blushes.sometimes blushes are needed so that I won't look pale after applying foundation.

I'm using mentholatum lipstick.the colour is not so strong which is why I choose it.I don't look nice on obvious lip colour.I'll look like china doll if I do so.

I used shimmer powder from elianto and lime secret shine base from skinfood.I'll point on my cheek,nose and chin to look sharp.

btw,it's totally MY OWN STEPS of make up and taking care of my face.
Anything offensive 'll be deleted.
constructive comments are allowed anyway. :P

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