Friday, June 11, 2010

holiday 2

I decided to blog every of my holiday before I enter university.ah,except the days I'm in Singapore.can't find any time and anywhere to blog.but I'll try to ask chiam chiam to help me "preserve" the post so that i can add in my singapore trip. ngek ngek ngek.'s not a problem if I hv N97 mini.I can blog in Sg using wifi. >.<

Today I made 1 bracelet and 1 necklace.that's all :(
because I spent my afternoon in AEON and chiam chiam's workplace.oh, he fully belongs to me :) WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.I sound like those pervert ah pek forcing those pretty young lady to marry him.
I went to AEON for my really late lunch (3pm.late anot?) in Sakae and his workplace to adjust my levi's frame.okay okay,let's jump to more interesting stuff.

I GOT MY PARCEL TODAY! so I shall make more and more and more jewellery with those material I bought before I start my university.
anyway,datanglah tengok tengok kat seenamon.pergi click icon sebelah.thankyou.

I'm out of idea.I'm out of idea.I'm out of idea.
kay bye.wanna continue doing my stuff.

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