Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love things to be clarified.
I just called Monash to clarify things since the PIC for JPA in Monash wasn't around when I was there.
It seems like my holidays 'll be extended until 26th of july.
I'll miss the orientation.(which is ok for me)
I'll miss the 1st week of class.(which is not so ok for me :P)
because of IELTS.
I'm having IELTS on 8th and 10th.
and the result 'll be out on 23rd which is a friday.
and I have to pass my result to Monash immediately so that they can issue me a official offer letter,so that I can start my classes on 26th.
before this,I'll be holding a conditional offer letter if Monash accepts me.
every link is important.God bless me that there's nothing bad happen between links.
I seriously don't know what to prepare for IELTS besides read and write more.

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Iona Tan said...

GANBATE! Shouldn't be a problem for you. Keep working it! =D