Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3/4 FREE!

this "free" means freedom btw.not the FOC free.
Finally,I can get a good sleep.
I have been stressed for my accounting paper since last week.
and I experienced the "mentally active but physically tired"state.
My mind can't stop thinking about the whole sets of past year I have to finish.
anyway,I didn't get to finish them as well.It's too much.
anyway,what's done is done.
and I wanna start creating lots and lots of stuff.
I wanna made ribbons,purse,necklace and whatever lah~
Next week is a busy week.
monday: I have my last paper which is the internal paper set by the lecturer.(got some tips already.relax~)
tuesday: free day!
wednesday : jogoya buffet!
friday: SG TOO (IPTA-result-is-out day too!)
saturday: SG TOO TOO
sunday: father's day celebration which is still undecided

then the following week might be the last week before I start uni. T.T
new chapter of life is going to start,no more childish act,no more tears,because I used johnson&johnson more procrastination,no more irresposible act,no more I-don't-wanna-fren-you-so?

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